[Contest] One Week Left to Win Alien Skin Production Suite

We're in the home stretch of our Fstoppers Facebook Group contest with only a week remaining. The software we're giving away will to streamline your post production process and give your photos that perfect finish. We're all huge fans of this software. Just try it out and you'll see why we love having Alien Skin.

We are giving away the full Alien Skin line of plugins (you can view them all here) and all you have to do is impress us with your post production skills using Alien Skin's Exposure software. Here's how you can win:

1) Use Alien Skin's Exposure plugin to enhance any portrait in your portfolio. If you already own Exposure, you're set. Don't have it yet? That's ok! You can download the free trial here. You MUST use Exposure in your entry. No other plugin software will be accepted. However, you aren't restricted to using only the software. As long as Exposure had a hand in the final product, you're set.

2) Upload your entry to the Fstoppers Facebook Group. Make sure you give it the caption "This is my entry to the Fstoppers Alien Skin contest." so we don't miss it. We would also love to see the before and after images but this is not required.

3) Contest is open until February 21, so you have only one more week to put together your entry. The winner will be voted on by Patrick, Lee, and myself and crowned on February 22.

Not sure what to expect from the software? Check out the examples below and get some ideas on how you can enhance some of your own photography (see more here):













We're excited to see what you all can do with the Exposure software. Head on over to the Fstoppers Facebook Group and show us what you got!

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Whoot! excited to see the winner! 

Alessandro's picture

I'd like to join the Facebook Group, but it's closed!

Nick Thomas's picture

I just entered :)

Mike Tarsitano's picture

here is a question.. what is the last time you can submit?  on the 21? or before the 21? 
Did the photo I posted today count?  Above it just states "Contest is open until February 21"

its the 21st today so then it should still be open?