[Contest] Win a 30x40 Print from ClickPixx on Flickr

Hey Fstoppers! After a short hiatus from contests here, we are happy to welcome them back!

We are giving away a free 30 x 40 inch wrap print from ClickPixx.com! From February 21 through March 6, respond to our Flickr Group with your best photo that you think truly embodies the word "epic."

Get to the Flickr Group Entry Thread by clicking here.

What does "epic" mean? Impress us. Give us an entry that really makes us go "wow, that's crazy." Blow our minds!

These wraps look great on the wall, and the photo you submit does not have to be the one you get printed. You can only enter one time, and if you enter multiple times all entries will be disregarded until only one entry remains.

Big thanks to our sponsors ClickPixx, and good luck to you all!

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Any way to enter other than flickr? I live in Dubai, and the site is blocked over here?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

crazy they block that

I was contemplating moving to Dubai, bugger that if they don't allow flickr

yay welcome back to the contests, but have you also decided to actually deliver the prizes won for the previous ones ???? I've never heard of it...

Patrick Hall's picture

Did you win a previous contest? We have always delivered prizes

everything's been sorted out! you guys are awesome

Jody Hess's picture

There are some really nice photos in there so far, but none of them embody the dictionary definition or the slang/colloquial definition of "epic". It's really hard to contain the dictionary definition in a still image and the slang version is so overused these days that pretty much everyone has their own idea of what it means... which becomes very apparent when you look at the entries. With some of those entries it seems like the person didn't know what the word means at all so they just picked a random image from their gallery and hoped it would be fit. Anyway, /rant
Most of the photos are cool, epic or not.