February Photo Contest: Win A Photoflex Octodome

Every month here at Fstoppers we run a photo contest that is judged by one of our readers. We'd like to congratulate Frank Lin for winning the January Fstoppers Forum Photo Contest. Click the previous link to see his winning photograph and watch for his banner at the top of the site to see more of Frank's work.

As we do every month, the winner of the contest gets to pick the next theme and Frank has chosen "BIRTH". This month's winner will also win a custom image and website link on the Fstoppers rotating banner above and also a Photoflex Octodome Extra Small Kit which is our goto soft light for location shooting. As always, our contests are judged by the winner of the previous month's contest so you have to impress Frank not anyone on the Fstoppers Staff. Have fun submitting to the February Fstoppers Forum Contest and good luck to everyone!

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Pretty awesome! Congratz to him!

vasco dias's picture

Hello, I'm from portugal, and I'm trying to become a photographer, but as everything it isn't easy.

I would like to know if this contest is open to every one who wants to participate or if it is exclusive for US.


Yes Vasco, anyone can enter. If you are out of the USA and you win, you will have to pay to have the item shipped to you.

Thanks for hosting this cool contest with readers' participation and also thanks for the banner and the prize from Photoflex!

It's our pleasure! We love supporting what fstoppers.com stands for.

vasco dias's picture

Ok, thank you very much.

I've been following your website for a few months and i love it, it's very helpfull and we've learning a lot!

I would like to post a picture and participate in the february contest. But I can't seem to find that possibility to upload.