ACDSee Announces Exciting New Version of Photo Studio Ultimate Software

ACD Systems marks 30 Years of Innovation with the latest edition of their flagship software, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2024. It’s available for preorder and has some exciting-looking new features.

ACD Systems International has launched the 2024 edition of its flagship software, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2024. New in the latest version are three new AI-driven features: AI Keywords, AI Sky Replacement, and an AI Object Selection tool:

Technology is constantly evolving, and we're committed to staying on the cutting edge with you. By taking advantage of the latest AI Features and improvements, as well as the ever-expanding library of tools such as the new Masking group in Develop Mode, creators and photographers will find they can see and accomplish more, all while spending less time hunting for what they need. Photo StudioUltimate 2024 is your key to a new horizon of possibilities.

Frank Lin, COO & CTO.

The new top features of this software include:

  • AI Keywords
  • AI Sky Replacement
  • AI Object Selection Tool for Edit Mode
  • Non-destructive AI Select Subject/Background/Sky in Develop Mode
  • Develop Mode Masking group
  • Flow, Opacity, and Jitter control for brushes in Edit Mode
  • Improvements to Select Subject and Select Sky in Edit Mode

Details of these new tools can be found in the above video.

For those who don’t already use it, ACDSee already has many advanced features that photographers expect when processing images:

  • AI Face Edit
  • Layered Editing
  • Face Detection & Facial Recognition
  • Powerful Batch Tools
  • RAW Development
  • Light EQ™
  • Photomerge: Panoramic Stitching, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Focus Stacking
  • Pixel Targeting
  • Color & Tone Wheels
  • Liquify Tool
  • Raw support for 700+ cameras

The newest version of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, which has an enthusiastic customer base, is already available for preorder to buy outright. The subscription version available later this month. I wrote an article explaining the current version about nine months ago, and that will give you a good overview of this comprehensive software.

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Dont bother. its just regurgitated mess from last year with 3 new options and with same sign that claims NEW, BETTER, FASTER, while actually is none. Not very good at one thing and kinda useless at all else.

I have a different opinion of it from yours. I often swap between seven different software packages on my computer, including the current version of this. It actually works well and plenty of people use it happily. The layout is good, and it opens images faster than Lightroom.

I find one thing false in this statement. "Plenty of people use it happily". That there sounds like marketing promo. I would know since i have spent 25 years working in Advertising agency and sort of became Brand-Averse and mostly because someone claims something like this and its like my spidersense. I can spot BS right away.

I have plenty of photographer friends. Out of 100% of photographer friends that use computer for photography, 40% have used ACDsee at some point, while other 60% are either too young to know about it or use something else. Out of 40% that have been using it are not anymore, mostly because over the years ACDSee have become tool that most of them dont need and what they need is pushed further and further back to a point of barely doing that thing. In the beginning it was quite capable and insanely quick photo viewer. Able to read RAWs and convert file formats. THAT IS ALL WE ASKED.

No ... nope ... they added catalogue way back when ... we asked for this to be removed (there was public outrage about this and there was even today heaps of articles on how to disable catalogue) why would we want that since its VIEWER ... nope ACD wont even acknowledge users wishes and its still there, but no one wants it. Now its something completely different trying to do things no one asked it to, year after year, just adding features on top of barely usable product, and its below average in those functions. I pity the person who purchase this to edit photos ... its just a joke, since there are programs like Dark Table that is Lightroom clone (also free) and not to mention light years ahead as photo processing editing software. Why would anyone spend money on ACDSee is beyond me.

BUT ... people have heard about ACDSee ... so they purchase it, expecting it to be good viewer ... only to find out its not. So in a way ... this is fraudulent behavior.

You really need to be very careful before making defamatory and false accusations, such as accusing people of fraudulent behavior. You are getting into deep water.

Thanks for your statistics. It would be great to see some empirical evidence to back it up.

Despite what you assert with that weird attempt at logic, I find it works well. When we write articles about software, there are always people criticizing one piece of software or another claiming it is rubbish. Sometimes they are working for a competitor, sometimes it's their computer that is at fault. Sometimes they are just trolls.

However, when I read what you wrote, it sounds like is that you didn't get your way. Consequently, after a company chooses to develop its product, which it has a right to do, you seek to defame it. I imagine you stamping your foot, and having a tantrum. You need to cool down, man. You'll make yourself ill, or end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Ah ... "if you know whats good for you"

Thanks for making my point.

Curious why the demo was on jpgs instead of raws.

Good observation. I don't know for sure. It might be that this pre-release demo video was created on an alpha version of the software before the raw database was loaded to it, but that is just a guess.

Because raw decode and edit is super slow in comparison, while working on JPGs it seems like its quick and powerful photo editor. This way you may spend your hard earned money to purchase it only to learn its not whats advertised. I can only assume (i dont know, but as its tradition nowdays) that its not programs fault, its your computer, windows, drivers ... Program works fine (oh yes, i am being sarcastic).

It sounds like you need a better computer, Miha. It does work quickly processing raw on my system, and even on my older computer, it outpaced Lightroom.

I have images from a multitude of different cameras on my computer including the A1, R5, and Z9, as well as my OM-1. I really haven't noticed any slowness at all.

I have actually been using ACDSee since version 3.0, and I have to disagree with Miha. I used to use it for almost everything, except perspective correction (For which I kept Photoshop on my computer--my wife was a professional, and did a lot of architectural shots.) However, just a few years ago ACDSee added perspective correction, and I was able to finally dump Photoshop. I have introduced others to ACDSee, and they have all found it easier to use than their competitors.