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What OM System's Live View, Live Composite, and Live ND Do and How to Use Them

Most cameras have at least one exclusive attribute, and the OM System Cameras have more than most. Its ever-expanding “Live” collection contains some of its unique computational photography features. Let’s dive into five of its tools to find out what they do and how you can use them.

Why Your Gear Matters Most for the Ultimate Photography Genre

Bird photography is arguably the most demanding genre. The equipment quality, the photographer's camera skills, and their ability to create a narrative are pushed far beyond any other genre. Here’s what I discovered about cameras, lenses, and bird photography.

Discovering Zoner Photo Studio X Pro's New and Attractive Functionality

Since HDR has been used (wrongly) so much in the past, it's a good time to make people aware of the changes happening in the industry. Zoner Photo Studio X Pro's latest update includes its new True HDR process. This comprehensive software has much to offer, not least an end to overblown HDR photos.

Important Photography Lessons We Can Learn From 'Tish'

There is an incredible documentary about one of my photographic heroes, Tish Murtha. Tish was a documentary photographer who grew up in the abject poverty of England’s Northeast. There are important lessons we can all learn from her work.

ON1 Photo Raw 2024 Is a Doozy and Gets Another Interim Update

On1 Photo Raw is a comprehensive image processing tool designed for photographers. It includes asset management, image development, and editing, plus a host of AI-driven tools, including noise reduction and deblurring. The latest update improves the performance of these tools.

You Are Missing Out by Ignoring an Important Approach to Photography

If you want to elevate it to a higher level, then there is an essential approach to your photography that you should embrace. Known for thousands of years, but nonetheless elusive, here's an approach to photography you can adopt, used by masters in all fields.

A Superior Way You Can Compare Camera Lenses

When manufacturers give specifications of lenses, there is a lot of detail that is meaningless to many consumers of their products. When we writers review them, we tend to give the same information. Here’s a method I think would be much more helpful to most photographers.

Two Illuminating Products That Will Rattle Other Manufacturers

I am becoming a fan of Neewer gear. Since they changed direction and started producing equipment for themselves, the designs have vastly improved, and the quality of the products has rocketed. Here are two new lights from their stable that are exceptionally good. Their competitors should look out.