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You Are Missing Out by Ignoring an Important Approach to Photography

If you want to elevate it to a higher level, then there is an essential approach to your photography that you should embrace. Known for thousands of years, but nonetheless elusive, here's an approach to photography you can adopt, used by masters in all fields.

A Superior Way You Can Compare Camera Lenses

When manufacturers give specifications of lenses, there is a lot of detail that is meaningless to many consumers of their products. When we writers review them, we tend to give the same information. Here’s a method I think would be much more helpful to most photographers.

Two Illuminating Products That Will Rattle Other Manufacturers

I am becoming a fan of Neewer gear. Since they changed direction and started producing equipment for themselves, the designs have vastly improved, and the quality of the products has rocketed. Here are two new lights from their stable that are exceptionally good. Their competitors should look out.

Discovering the Body and Soul of Photography

Learning is essential for us to grow as photographers. Collaborating with the Polish artist and photographer, Maya Kot, I discovered new ideas about color that get to the very heart of photography.

Would You Fall for These Seven Photography Scams? I Was Caught by One

You probably use or run photography businesses. Beware! There is a multimillion-dollar industry that runs solely to scam businesses and clients out of their hard-earned cash. Here are a few and how you should avoid them and why one of them caught me out.

How Many Ways Can You Use a Smartwatch for Photography?

Are you a fan of gadgets? When it comes to photography, there are plenty of fabulous extras that we can use to improve what we do, but how about a smartwatch? I experimented with the Kumi GW5 Pro to see how useful it would be.

The Most Fun I’ve Had With A Film Camera in a Long Time

Retro never really goes out of fashion, and this 110 LOMOMATIC camera took me back to the early 1970s when my eldest sister ran around with her 110 camera. I found myself laughing out loud as I shot with careless abandon.

Why Is This Newly Released Zoom With a Gargantuan Reach Causing a Stir?

Sometimes I am sent lenses to test, and I can’t wait to send them back. Others stay attached to my camera for as long as possible before they are returned. What I chose to do with this 150-600mm lens took me by utter surprise, and there is good reason why it is making a mark.

Another Tripod That Will Shake Up the Competition Hits the Market

I recently reviewed the Neewer Litetrip LT35 tripod. It was one of two that were sent to me to try. The second was the TP62. Also a carbon fiber travel tripod, this one was quite dissimilar from the first, offering a very distinct experience.