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How Can You Enter Photography’s Circle of Success? Here Are Seven Ways

Getting to grips with the fundamentals of photography, such as camera and exposure control, composition, and relating a story, is essential. Sadly, there are other factors that get in that cause you to fail. Here’s why it is important to break free of those and become a successful photographer.

Peak Design Updates Its Award-Winning Camera Cubes

Launched five years ago, Peak Design’s Camera Cubes introduced a superb system of organizing and protecting cameras, lenses, and accessories. They have now updated the Camera Cubes with additional protection and new sizes.

Why Full Frame Didn't Suit Me and Why I Won't Leave Micro Four Thirds

You’ve probably heard many outright lies about Micro Four Thirds. It’s suffered attacks from certain quarters, sometimes from those openly in the pay of its competition. Here’s everything you need to know about the system and why it’s a great option for professional and amateur photographers alike.

When Do Your Photographic Edits Become a Lie?

Huge advancements in technology have changed the way we approach editing. But maybe before adjusting our photos, we should consider what harm it is doing.

Why Using the Golden Ratio in Your Photos Might Not Be a Good Idea After All

A while ago, someone commented on an article that composition is meaningless and people drawing wiggly lines on a photo were pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Initially, I dismissed that as being a naïve comment. Then, I did a little research and found something surprising.

OM System Announce the New TOUGH TG-7 Adventure Camera

Historically, the Olympus TOUGH cameras were well respected by outdoor adventurers, divers, and those who work in extreme environments. The New OM System TOUGH TG-7 has taken a huge step forward with a host of exciting new features.