The Fstoppers 2011 Behind the Scenes Contest

We are excited to announce the Fstoppers 2011 Behind the Scenes Photo Contest! Everything you could possibly want to know about this exciting community driven contest is described below. A lot has changed since last year's contest so be sure to check out all the exciting news. When you are ready to submit your entry or browse through other photographers' entries, head over to the Official 2011 Behind The Scenes Forum Thread!


Giving back to photographers has always been a big part of what makes Fstoppers such a great community. Soon after we launched last year, Lee and I decided it would be fun to see what you, our readers, could come up with when asked to produce your very own behind the scenes videos. Our first 2010 Fstoppers Behind the Scenes Video Contest was a tremendous success with over ninety BTS videos submitted by the FS online community! We even added Sean to our team after seeing his video! Last year we gave away a Canon EOS 7D as the grand prize but this year is going to blow that out of the water as we have over $20,000 in prizes. We are also extending the winnings to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places which will be judged by our celebrity panel of photographers (more on that soon). If you win 1st place in this contest you will be walking away with a pretty sweet start-up studio kit and a ton of exposure. This is the perfect launching pad for any aspiring photographer! Head over to the Fstoppers 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest Forum Page to view every entry as they get posted.

What is the Fstoppers 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest?

This is a contest open to any photographer/videographer around the world who wants to share how creative they are behind a camera. You must be willing to share your creative side and explain exactly how you tackled your project. In order for your BTS video to be well received by our audience, you must include the photo/video gear you are using, show the final images within the video, and also give out useful information to help teach and inspire other photographers. How you go about making your video is totally up to you. The more unique the concept the better! Need inspiration? Check out last year's top 10 videos to see the best from 2010.

How do I submit my video?

Submitting your video is easy. First, in order to make sure all videos are current and created just for this contest, you need to include the Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest Intro Video at the beginning of any video you submit. Next you need to upload your contest video onto your Youtube or Vimeo account. Once you have it online, simply embed the video into a new thread on the Fstoppers Forum under the 2011 Fstoppers Behind The Scenes Contest thread. This will allow everyone to easily find all contest videos and leave questions, thanks, and inspiring notes about your submission. Just remember all videos need to remain online for the duration of the contest to remain eligible.

Mirror Sites for Intro Video: or

But I don't have a DSLR or HD video camera!

We've heard this before especially during last year's contest. Some of the most inspiring video entries from last year were made in spite of not having fancy equipment! Get creative and team up with your friends, use your HD cell phone camera, rent a good camera for a weekend, beg your parents to buy you that new DSLR with HD video capabilities. Do whatever you have to do to make something fun and entertaining. Considering our most popular photoshoot, the iPhone Fashion Shoot, was completely shot on a cell phone with no focus or exposure lock, there really is no excuse for not using a bit of ingenuity when creating your BTS video.

Can I submit a behind the scenes video on a video production?

Absolutely! We don't want to leave you film makers out in the dark. If you are working on a film, documentary, commercial, or other video related project, simply upload both a behind the scenes video on how you made the film as well as the final production itself. Last year Keith Bradshaw did really well in the contest with his short music video Mr. Wonderful...check it out for inspiration.

When does this contest run?
This contest it running from August 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011. All entries must be uploaded onto the forum by midnight eastern time to be eligible. Get your videos in early because we will be posting the best ones on the front of as they come in, and you don't want yours not to make a splash.

Who is judging this contest?
After Dec 31st, 2011, the Fstoppers staff will narrow the submissions down to the top 10 videos. The top three winners will be chosen by a panel of celebrity photographers which will be announced halfway through the contest.

Can anyone enter? What if I live outside of the US?
Anyone is eligible to enter. If you are under the age of 18 you must have parent consent. If you live outside of the United States or Canada, you will be responsible for any shipping costs and/or local taxes required on all prizes won. Please read the full contest rules if you have further questions about eligibility.

What about the fine print?
Well with any big contest there is going to be plenty of fine print and legal speak. So, if you want to be sure to cover your hindquarters, click here for the "OFFICIAL RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS"

Who is sponsoring this contest and what are the prizes?

Lee and I have been working really hard to make this year's contest something exciting for everyone. We are extremely thrilled with the participation of our sponsors, and they have come together to create one of the best prize packages I've ever seen. I really wish I could compete since much of this gear is better than what I currently have! Here is the prize breakdown:

Either a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV or Nikon D3s
Either a Canon Speedlite 580EX II or Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight
LowePro Roller x300 Case
LowePro Pro Trekker 400 AW Backpack
LowePro Roller Attaché X50 Case
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Profoto D1 Air 500 Watt/Seconds x 2 Monolight Studio Kit
Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard AC3 Zone Controller (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Induro Carbon 8X CT313 Carbon Tripod
Induro PHQ3 PHQ Series 5-Way Panhead
Creative Light 1x4' Recessed Front Soft Box
Creative Light 1x4' Recessed Front Soft Box
Creative Light 1x4' Softgrid
Creative Light 1x4' Softgrid
Creative Light 2x3' Softgrid
Creative Light 2x3' Recessed Front Softbox
Creative Light 5' Octa softbox RF
Creative Light 41" Umbrella Softbox
Creative Light 1.3x1.3' Flat Front Softbox
Creative Light Softbox Speedring for Portable Speedlights
Creative Light Speed Ring for Profoto
Creative Light Speed Ring for Profoto
1 Year Animoto Pro Membership
Approximate Total: $13,790.75

Either a Canon EOS 60D or Nikon D7000
Either a Canon 430 EX II Speedlite or Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight
LowePro Roller x300 Case
LowePro Pro Trekker 400 AW Backpack
LowePro Roller Attaché X50 Case
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Pocket Wizard AC3 Zone Controller (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
Creative Light 1.3x1.3' Flat Front Softbox
Creative Light Softbox Speedring for Portable Speedlights
1 Year Animoto Pro Membership
Approximate Total: $4,636.75

Eaither a Canon EOS Rebel T2i or Nikon D5100
Either a Canon 430 EX II Speedlite or Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight
LowePro Roller x300 Case
LowePro Pro Trekker 400 AW Backpack
LowePro Roller Attaché X50 Case
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens (your choice of Canon or Nikon versions)
1 Year Animoto Pro Membership
Approximate Total: $2,767.75


From our friends at B&H the 1st Place Winner will receive either a top of the line DSLR camera by Canon or Nikon valued at $5000.

The 2nd Place Winner will receive a prosumer level DSLR camera of their choice between either a Canon EOS 60D or Nikon D7000.

The 3rd Place Winner will receive a consumer level DSLR camera of their choice between either a Canon EOS Rebel T2i or Nikon D5100.

Sigma 30mm, 50mm, and 85mm 1.4 Primes: Sigma's prime lenses have been creating a lot of buzz lately as their performance has been viewed as equal and often superior to their Nikon and Canon counterparts. While the 85mm lens has been the goto portrait lens for photographers, we have found all three 1.4 lenses to be great video lenses as well especially for low light photography/videography.

Profoto D1 Air 500 W/S 2 Monolight Studio Kit: What can we say about the Profoto D1 Airs other than Lee and I both are going to be envious of the photographer who winds up owning this kit! These heads have so many wireless controls including remote control of strobe AND modeling light power! Check out Catherine Hall's video explaining the features of the Profoto D1 series strobes.

Animoto Slideshow Software is an extremely powerful tool for photographers wanting to better market and share their work. Not only is it extremely easy and automated to use, but it also presents your images in an entertaining way. Lee and I depend on Animoto for our wedding business but it can also be used for just about any other form of photography advertising. Click the link to check out Lee's testimonial video and learn why it is such an amazing piece of software.


Pocket Wizard FlexTT5, MiniTT5, and AC3 Kit: PocketWizard has been the gold standard for a long time in the photographic industry and although some of the Fstoppers team still uses PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver, I can personally say the 1st and 2nd place winners are going to love these deluxe radio models. Check out The Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 and MiniTT5 Review if you somehow missed that Fstoppers Original video.

Lowepro Pro Roller x300, Pro Trekker 400, and Pro Roller Attache x50 will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. For over 40 years, Lowepro has been working to develop the perfect camera carrying system and our very own, organizationally obsessed, Kenn can attests to their success, owning more than half a dozen Lowepro bags and counting. Winning this contest will gain you one for pretty much any shooting situation.


Creative Light Strobe Modifiers are critical for molding and shaping the light from your studio strobes. All of these softboxes are great for the studio but can also be adapted for small speedlights via the speedring adapter. These different shaped softboxes by Creative Light should make it easy to create any type of lighting style imaginable.

Induro PHQ3 5-Way Panhead, and Induro Carbon 8X CT313 Tripod. Whether you are shooting long exposure landscape images or composing the perfect shot in the studio, this tripod/panhead combo from Induro is going to make your life a lot easier.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV SLR Digital Camera: What Nikon's D3s is to ISO performance, the Mark IV is to autofocus. With a new system employing 45 AF points, 39 of which are cross-type. New AI Servo II AF uses advanced algorithms to track moving subjects with precision and accuracy, even under the most difficult shooting conditions. This camera is lightning fast! Ideal for sporting events, weddings, and anything else moving at the speed of light.
Nikon D3S Digital SLR Camera: This is currently Nikon’s top sports camera and the only full frame camera capable of taking video. It has pretty much the same IQ of the smaller D700 but the extreme high ISO quality makes it great for low light stills AND video. Owning the best comes with a price and unless of course you take 1st place in our contest.
Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera: Digital Inspiration. That's how the good folks at Canon define their EOS 60D DSLR Camera. With an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, a 3" Clear View LCD, and HD video capture, among other mouth-watering features, perhaps you will agree. The 60D is more than your run-of-the-mill DSLR camera, it doubles as a 1920 x 1080 HD video camera. With the built-in video camera you'll be able to capture MOV video clips up to 4GB in size.
Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera: The low light capabilities for both still shots and video are among the best of any Nikon camera and for its price it really bridges the gap between entry level camera and professional camera if you make such a distinction. It uses a new grip and battery so I have to believe the D7000 is the first of a series of changes coming to Nikon’s lineup and so far we love what we are seeing!
Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera: This is one of the best budget cameras out for both still photography and video. It can be a little tough to use manually because it has far fewer buttons than the 7D but if you are investing in your first camera this is a great choice. We only really use the T2i for slow motion video with its 60 fps mode and with this adapter we can even use all of our Nikkor Lenses.
Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera: This camera has a galaxy of professional features not commonly found in a consumer digital camera. A high-resolution 16.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor and an EXPEED 2 image processing engine guarantee superb quality and high performance. Full 1920 x 1080p video with full-time autofocus and stereo sound is available with in-camera editing and creative controls to activate your inner movie director.
Canon Speedlite 580EX II: If you are a Canon shooter looking for the top of the line flash look no further. The 580EX II has all of the bells and whistles including the all important PC sync slot for hooking pocket wizards to your flash. As the Canon top-of-the-line flash for the EOS-system, the Speedlite 580EX II takes the best features from existing models and adds functionality that enhances digital photography.
Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash: This flash has more features than you will ever be able to use, tons of power, and very fast recycle time. I honestly never purchased any SB-900′s because I'm happy with my (5) Sb-800s. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a used Sb-800 but if you want the best new gear, the 900 is your only option.
Canon 430EX II Speedlite TTL Shoe-Mount Flash: If the 580 is a bit too much for you, there is really only one other option for on camera ETTL flashes. The 430 has slightly less power than the 580 and is missing the PC sync jack but for many shooters it has more than enough features to get the job done.
Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Shoe Mount Flash: is Nikons replacement to the SB-600. The 700 did add a huge feature that the SB-600 did not have; SU-4 slave mode (it flashes when it see’s another flash). This feature alone was a huge upgrade from the 600 but the 700 still does not have a PC sync jack which makes syncing with a standard pocket wizard more difficult.
Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens For Canon or Nikon: When you need a medium-telephoto standard lens for everything from portraiture to sports, the fast Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens for Canon EOS Digital SLRs is a great solution. This large aperture beauty is designed with an SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass element and a glass mold element which yield first-class, sharp image captures with high contrast.
Sigma Normal 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Autofocus Lens for Canon or Nikon: The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Autofocus Lens is a standard lens that provides a large maximum aperture of f/1.4. Its large f/1.4 aperture allows for sharply defined contrasty images against a nicely blurred background. The lens offers superior peripheral brightness even at the maximum aperture, and corrects for possible flare.
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Autofocus Lens for Canon or Nikon: The Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM is a large aperture lens that provides a standard angle most similar to the human eye. The 30mm focal length translates to approximately 50mm in 35mm format. A glass mold aspherical lens element at the rear group of the lens reduces color aberration and provides high-quality image results.
Profoto D1 Air 500 W/S 2 Monolight Studio Kit: The kit includes 2 D1 Air 500 monolights, 2-D1 Small White Umbrellas, 2-D1 Light Stands, 1-D1 Studio Kit Case and a Profoto Air Remote. No stone has been left unturned in the provision of tech and convenience features that seem to derive from professional photographers' wish lists. With features that we've come to expect from Profoto over the years: short flash duration, rapid recycling, a bright 300W modeling lamp and heavy-duty cabling are all on-board.
PocketWizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter for Canon or Nikon: Use the camera, on-camera flash, or flash commander controls for flash compensation, zone and ratio control. It supports single or multiple dedicated flash units. The MiniTT1 is the ideal addition to any flash system. It works in combination with the FlexTT5 Transceiver, and since this system works on digital radio technology, it can support E-TTL around corners, out-of-sight, or in bright sunlight.
PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave for Canon or Nikon: A part of an ultra-versatile radio slave system, and is dedicated specifically to the Canon or Nikon flash control systems. It simply slides directly into the camera's hot shoe, and there are no special settings to make or modes to call up.
PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController for Canon for Nikon: When you add the Pocket Wizard AC3 ZoneController for Canon or Nikon to your on-camera MiniTT1 Transmitter or FlexTT5 Transceiver, you instantly have three zones of flash control. Put your flashes wherever you want, without worrying about having to access them during a shoot.
Induro PHQ3 PHQ Series 5-Way Panhead: The Panhead features patent-pending Quintaxial positioning which allows for dual tilts, base and top plate rotation. This panhead features an Arca-Swiss style quick release system with a dovetail QR plate design. This head offers photographers full repeatable indexing on five axes for maximum control and flexibility.
Induro Carbon 8X CT313 Tripod: This Tripod features carbon-fiber legs and a wide-stance, cross-braced magnesium alloy spider--the strongest, most stable tripod configuration available. An oversized center column lock, enhanced leg angle locks, a reversible locking center column, interchangeable rubber feet and stainless steel spikes, and a bubble level add up to a sturdy, versatile tripod for rock-solid support. Includes a tool kit and deluxe carrying bag with strap.
Creative Light Recessed Front Softbox: Take control of your lighting! The Creative Light 2x3' Softgrid can help by reducing the angle of light from a softbox to 50 degrees, to precisely direct your light to where it's needed, and nowhere else. This Softgrid is designed to fit into the front of the Creative Light RF (Recessed Front) 2x3' (60x90 cm) softbox, using touch fasteners. Foldable design makes it totally portable. All Softgrids come with a soft-sided storage case.
Creative Light 2x3' Softgrid: The 2x3' Softgrid can help by reducing the angle of light from a softbox to 50 degrees, to precisely direct your light to where it's needed, and nowhere else. This Softgrid is designed to fit into the front of the Creative Light RF (Recessed Front) 2x3' (60x90 cm) softbox, using touch fasteners. Foldable design makes it totally portable. All Softgrids come with a soft-sided storage case.
Creative Light 1x4' Recessed Front Softbox: The softbox is one of the basic tools of lighting--softening, diffusing and directing the light in a controlled way. This softbox has an external and an internal diffuser, both attached with touch fasteners.
Creative Light 1x4' Softgrid: The Creative Light 1x4' Softgrid can help by reducing the angle of light from a softbox to 50 degrees, to precisely direct your light to where it's needed, and nowhere else. This Softgrid is designed to fit into the front of the Creative Light RF (Recessed Front) 1x4' (30x120 cm) softbox, using touch fasteners. Foldable design makes it totally portable. All Softgrids come with a soft-sided storage case.
Creative Light 5' Octa softbox RF: This octagonal softbox has a high efficiency silver lining for superior light output, and a removable interior and front diffuser to provide a broad, soft edge-to-edge light that provides natural round catchlights in eyes for beautiful portraits. The recessed front can accept a variety of softgrids for further light modification which help to control light spill and fall-off.
Creative Light 41" Umbrella/Softbox: This 41" Umbrella/Softbox is a hybrid that really works, a refinement of the umbrella as a light modifier. It combines the directional light of an umbrella with the softness of a softbox: as light reflects from the umbrella, it passes through the non-removable translucent fabric covering the "open" side of the umbrella, diffusing the light while maintaining the directionality of umbrella light. Light modification taken to the next level.
Creative Light 1.3x1.3' Flat Front Softbox: These small softboxes are great for location shooting when paired up with the speedring below. The quality of light from a small semi-soft light source is great and has been our goto lighting for wedding portraits for years. You can also use it as a small fill light or an accent light in the studio. This softbox offers a lot of versatility and comes with all-steel support rods.
Creative Light Softbox Speedring for Portable Speedlights: If you want to mount a softbox on your Canon or Nikon portable speedlight, this Softbox Speedring from Creative Light will make it happen. The speedring comes with a solid aluminum softbox collar, which mounts to your light. The speedring rotates 360° for maximum flexibility and control. The rods, speedring and softbox are color coded, just to keep it simple.
Creative Light 100821 Speed Ring for Profoto: You are going to need a way to connect your new strobes to your new softboxes. The Creative Light 100821 Speed Ring is a dedicated speed ring designed to attach Creative Light softboxes to Profoto flash heads. An aluminum collar and individual mounting flange allow the softbox to be rotated 360°.
Lowepro Pro Roller Attache X50 Case: A two-bags-in-one design that provides a rolling case combined with a removable Reserve Shoulder Bag. It is designed to carry a pro D-SLR camera without grip and attached lens, 2-4 lenses (up to a 70-200mm f/2.8) or accessories and personal items. It can also hold a laptop computer with a screen up to 14" in either bag. The shoulder bag has a reverse opening courier-style flap to access the main camera compartment.
Lowepro Pro Roller x300 Case: A water-resistant 1680 denier ballistic nylon mobile studio designed to carry 1-2 pro D-SLR cameras with grip plus 8-10 lenses and accessories. It has a Reserve Pack backpack insert that unzips from the roller case. A zippered front panel secures the hard case for storage while it is in use. There is a Lock and Go System that is a retractable cable connecting a TSA approved Travel Sentry lock that secures all components and pockets.
Lowepro Pro Trekker 400 AW Backpack: A lightweight, rugged, hydration-ready, expedition camera backpack designed to carry 1-2 pro digital SLR camera bodies with grip and lens attached, 4-6 additional lenses, 2 lash units, a tripod or monopod, accessories and personal gear and a widescreen laptop computer up to a 15.4". The pack is made from AZ Dobby ballistic nylon polyurethane exterior with Hypalon trim, a Velex brushed nylon and polyurethane lining and HDPE interior foam padding.
1 Year Animoto Pro Membership: Both Lee and I are full time wedding photographers when we are not managing Fstoppers. A huge part of our marketing entails making a public slideshow for every wedding that we shoot. is our favorite choice not only because it has a large selection of templates but because it also easily incorporates video. This bit of software has perhaps made our businesses more successful than any other piece of gear on this page.

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WOOHOO! Go get started Fstoppers!

Justin Henry Photo's picture

still trying to collect myself after reading the prize list. This is gonna be EPIC!!!!!!

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I know we all said this in the promo video but I can't wait to see what people send in.

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Hopefully this gear list will be enough to inspire you guys!

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The gear list is pretty sweet but honestly the exposure from this thing is what I'd excited about.

...aaaaaaah then again, 1st place really is a ton of swag.  :)

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Wow that prize list looks great! Now I gotta get the ideas out of my head and into a vid!

PS: Not to be a poopy, but how is putting that graphic at the beginning of my video going to prove I didn't make it last year? I mean if I know how to make a movie I know how to edit? Just wondering?

Kenn Tam's picture

True but adding the fstopper vid at the front is a branding of good faith, stating that you did this for us.  And not to be poopy but if we had a submission that we found other versions of on the web, without the intro then that submission may be left out of the running.

@Ken ... way to lay your cards out on the table Mr.Poker, lol

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sorry guys, i'll be winning this. gl though!

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That's the spirit!

Incredible prize list...absolutely mind blowing. Wish I had some interesting scenes to go behind :)

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Whau you guys really outdid yourselves this year! Let's get creative!


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Let the battle begin :D

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What an incredible opportunity!

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Wow! All I can say! Thanks guys! This is amazing!

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sorry i had to clean my keyboard from all my drool. 

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Where can we see the 2010 submissions???

The winners video is removed... does anyone have it saved anywhere?

Patrick Hall's picture

Unfortunately not.  I emailed him about it and he said he had to take it down because he was running out of space on his vimeo account.  Strange I know; how much is a pro vimeo account?

Kenn Tam's picture

We should get copies of the winners this year and host them ourselves.

Patrick Hall's picture

I like it, there is no reason the best BTS video should ever not be online.  

Courtney Alberson's picture

Did this ever become a reality? Can we see the winning video from 2010?

Patrick Hall's picture

Hey Courtney, yeah we announced the winner last year. Unfortunately sometime this year the winner took down his video. You can goto to see all the videos; most of the 80 submissions are still online

Jonny Jones's picture

I would enter, but if I won I don't really fancy paying to have all the kit shipped to the UK where customs will charge me an utter fortune.  Great comp but that's a major downside for me.  Good luck everybody!

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You are unwilling to simply pay the tax on $13,000 in free gear?

Tom Barrett's picture

i am!
and i'm in thailand

Patrick Hall's picture

Hmmm...chances are you will buy $13,000 on your own over the next few years and pay taxes on it; why not get it while it's free?  Assuming you win too :)

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Well, if you get creative there are probably some ways around this...  Win it, fly over here, pick it up, unbox it and put it in your bag as you are a 'traveling' photographer and take it back home in your bag.  I'm speaking mostly of the D3s but fits for most other stuff too...  Who in the UK is going to know it's brand spanking new?  That and you get to enjoy a little trip stateside to boot...   I hear you on how the UK and EU will just bury imported goods like this though...   So bad it really almost makes it not worth winning so I do understand...

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You mean I could win a D3s?

Patrick Hall's picture

it's actually a flagship camera worth $5000....who knows if the D3s will still be out by Jan 2012 ;)  :)

wow! I want that gear! Let's get creative xD

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Very impressive list fellas...  Nice job to the sponsors of this event..  Anxious to see the videos start rolling in and also anxious to hear who the judges will be...

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Well it already looks like we have our first entry in less than 24 hours of being live!

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I'm on it!!


Sweeet i'm on it too.
Let be creative.

Did someone know the title of the Matthew Mayfield track.

Patrick Hall's picture

Here's a link to his music...I went to college with him and he's an amazing artist. 

The song we used was Swamp off of the Blue Cut Robbery album which is his heavy blues album


I just bought all his albums on iTunes. His music is just awesome. Wow Thanks Patrick

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Lots of people have camera gear envy....I have guitar amp envy :)

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Nikon D3s and Profoto D1 Air, that's sick! :)

Just waiting on a good hurricane or tropical storm to give me what I need for my idea. You guys are lined up for a good one by the end of the week. If it works out in my favor it should be a good one.

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yep lots of surfing and kiteboarding here in Charleston!

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Oh Man....time to brain storm some ideas with a group of friends!

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This is so cool, fstoppers u rock! 

The only problem i see with this is taxes outside of US.. 3447.52 USD just in taxes for the grand price here in Norway. 3500 USD for 13k gear aint bad, but its much money.. 

Good luck to all of you! :) 

Patrick Hall's picture

yeah but I would drop that money on that amount of gear in a heartbeat!  That's like saying you had to pay $10,000 for a winning lotto ticket worth a million!  Of course you have to actually win the contest first before this becomes an issue :)

I have suchhhhhhhhh a good idea!!

Don't we all.

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No music videos? Bummer.

Patrick Hall's picture

ha no behind the scenes videos that only have music and tons of hair/makeup shots!  You can definitely submit a real Music Video

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