Fstoppers BTS Contest Is Wrapping Up!

The final day to film and upload your submission to the Fstoppers BTS Contest 2010 is here! Over the last 90 days we have received over 60 submissions and have seen some really fun and creative photoshoots. It has also been exciting to see the talent from the Fstoppers community and to be able to see our readers in action. Lee and I will continue to feature some of our favorite videos in the upcoming weeks as the final process of declaring a winner gets closer. Since many of our readers are from across the globe, we think it is only fair that everyone has a chance to submit their video up until the last minute. So please make sure that your video is uploaded to Vimeo.com or Youtube.com by the end of August 1st, and being the kind people that we are, we will give everyone a grace period of one day to have it posted to the Fstoppers Forum.

Everyone at Fstoppers encourages you to continue creating BTS videos for all of your projects even after this contest is over. Thanks again to everyone who has taken part in this contest. We hope you have not only been able to grow as a photographer but also as a video editor as well. If you are interested in seeing what everyone has done for the contest, you can view all the videos HERE.

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ShakaM's picture

Hey Lee, are you using California GMT or a different GMT for the final deadline?

Patrick Hall's picture

We are on Eastern Standard Time but as long as you have it posted by mid day August 2nd you should be good.

ShakaM's picture

Cool, thanks Patrick!

teresa's picture

wow thanks, one more day to post it is greaaaaat. I'm running to finish the edition today and after I post it on vimeo I think it takes some hours to process the file so I'm so glad you extended a bit the posting period!! :)

doug's picture

one word: keith bradshaw.

Aaron's picture

If i have the video posted to YouTube and Fstoppers by Mid day August 2nd I am good right?

Patrick Hall's picture

I would highly suggest having it posted by August 1st. Do not have the video have "uploaded on August 3rd". August 2nd is just a nice grace period incase our forum gives you trouble or Vimeo and Youtube act up. Your video should technically be done by August 1st and you should not have waited until the last minute.

Salman Suhail's picture

Any idea when you guys will be announcing the finalists? How do you plan on figuring out which video is the most popular? Setting up a voting system or something?

cheers guys! This was heaps fun!