Fstoppers BTS Video Contest Entries Volume 4

Lee and I decided months ago that it would be exciting to have a contest on Fstoppers to see what our readers can do behind a camera. Over the course of 3 months we received over 80 submissions from YOU, our readers! There is no possible way that we can share all 80+ of these videos on the front of Fstoppers but we believe that everyones work deserves the chance to be seen. We have decided upload every submission in 4 threads so that everyone has the opportunity to easily view these videos. In the next few days Lee and I will choose our favorite videos. These videos will be voted on by the community, and the winner will win a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s. A lot of time has been given for these videos so we hope you guys enjoy watching them as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone for getting up, going out, and creating something interesting!

BTSV Patriot SD First Cut from TaikoChao on Vimeo.

BTS Video from Zac Henderson on Vimeo.

My BTS Workflow in Aperture 3 from Stefan Feldmann Photography on Vimeo.

Portfolio BTS from Urban Legends Media LLC on Vimeo.

BTS Outdoor Photography for FSTOPPERS.com from alucine on Vimeo.

everything counts from Jean-Pierre Caner on Vimeo.

My First Photoshoot Ever from Isaac Gube on Vimeo.

FStoppers.com BTS video - Cow Fashion Test from Steve Galloway on Vimeo.

Sean Armenta | One Light Beauty Setup from Sean Armenta on Vimeo.

MP Studios Nike Spec BTSV (FStoppers.com) from Major Latimer on Vimeo.

Omaha Farmers Market shoot with the Nikon D5000 from Joe Cubicle on Vimeo.

fstoppers.com bts Andrew Roshka - high res from Andrew Roshka on Vimeo.

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andrew roshka deserves the grand prize.