Fstoppers Monthly Photography Contest

The September contest just wrapped up and I am happy to say that Shaadi Faris won. It will be shocking to many of you that Shaadi is not a professional photographer and does not have a website but he still won this contest with over 150 submissions. As promised, Shaadi now has a banner on the top of FS and he won a small LiteDome kit from Photoflex.

Shaadi chose to make the theme for the October contest "sport" and he will be choosing the winner at the end of the month. Photoflex decided to raise the bar and give a Octodome NXT Kit to the winner this month! Head on over to the forum here to submit your image for this months contest. I'm am actually really envious that I can't compete in this contest; I want that bank!

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Please say that he won for the image with the wildebeasts backlit in the river. When I saw that image I knew it was going to win. Really good.