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GuruShots Photo Challenges: A Photography 'Game' to Get Your Images Seen

GuruShots Photo Challenges: A Photography 'Game' to Get Your Images Seen

Did you ever play those "hot or not" games, where you were given images of two people and you clicked on the one you were more attracted too? Well, GuruShots is not really like that, but it is a photography community that's based around a similar concept of voting for images you like. Currently, you even have a chance to have your work exhibited at the Usagi Gallery in New York City. 

GuruShots is an online community that allows you to upload a set of four images to "challenges." Each challenge is different and many offer prizes to winners. For the next two weeks, they are running a challenge with Kodak Phones to give users a chance to showcase their work at the Usagi Gallery in New York City. There will be 40 images selected and printed to hang in the gallery and also another 360 images that will be featured and displayed digitally. It does cost a mere $7.99 to enter for the chance to be featured at the gallery. And knowing our Fstoppers readers, I would say you have a very high chance of beating out a lot of photographers who submit to the site. But maybe I'm biased because I like you all so much! 

The winners are chosen by other users. Essentially, you play the game where you vote for your favorite images in a challenge. The more you vote, the more exposure you gain on your images as well, so it's a win-win situation for everyone. The higher level you are also gives you more voting power; for instance, on the site right now, I am a Newbie since I just joined, so every time I vote, I give that image one vote. If you are say a Champion, your one vote is worth seven normal votes. Get the picture? 

Photographers compete against one another to win contests, increase in level, and earn valuable prizes. On top of that, members can join exhibition challenges and get a chance to showcase their work in galleries and photo fairs around the world. GuruShots uses special proprietary algorithms to make sure each submitted photo gains equal exposure regardless of when it was submitted during the challenge, giving each entrant an equal opportunity to win through 'statistically based objectivity.' This mechanism is based on users coming back to the challenge they're participating in, voting for other photos, and filling up their exposure meter; this ensures maximum exposure of their photos throughout the challenge. 

You can participate in challenges for free, but you can also pay for extra swaps, auto-fills, and keys if you want an extra boost in the game. The pricing is similar to what you would find in games like Candy Crush and the likes. There are a bunch of different challenges each with different themes; I'm trying my luck in the "Newbie of the Month Challenge." Think you can beat me? Hint: probably. Let's play! 

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Chelsey Rogers is a commercial video editor. She's done work for Walmart, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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wow, they've really gone nuts

GuruShots is an ego baiting scam that is rapidly losing sponsors

I actually really like guru shots. They don't claim copyright on your work, the voting system is fair, I've never paid for anything but exhibition competitions and I spend a few minutes each day critically appraising other peoples work. The only downside is that you are voted for by photographers, and I'm not sure they are best judges - but I know what I am letting myself in for!
It is also a major platform in my daughter's photography education. trying new techniques via the various challenges, appraising the work of others, thinking about what the c=voting results mean - as a street photographer sometime her best work isn't popular.
And because the voting is blind she knows she is being judged on here ability no age. Oh and she can genuinely claim to have had her work exhibited internationally, how many school children can say that.
Not perfect, but in my view one of the best sites of its type out there.