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Gear Up for the Olympics: Must-Have Lenses for Sports Photographers

The countdown to the Olympic Games is on, and the world shifts focus to the multi-sport event which takes place in Paris this summer. From athletics to equestrian to diving, we explore the best and most versatile lenses for sports photography and crown the best camera body and lens combination for the job.

Bad Photo? No Problem, Aftershoot Has Your Back!

Not all photos are created equal. Some are objectively better than others. However, the photos themselves may not necessarily be bad; it may just be that the image is badly exposed or the white balance is off. Fixing bad images quickly can be a hassle for some, but it is a piece of cake for Aftershoot. Read on to find out how to fix your bad images quickly.

The Perfect Travel Tripod? We Review the Falcam TreeRoot

The market for compact and lightweight tripods has exploded in recent years. Well, Falcam has decided to stir the pot with their new TreeRoot carbon fiber tripod that challenges the big leagues in a compelling way. Is it the right choice for you? It certainly offers plenty within its portable frame.

3 Cameras for Travel Photography This Summer

The summer season is fast approaching, and many of us are preparing to jet off on our summer vacations to destinations all over the world. Whether you are going for a beach vacation or lounging around the pool with your family, having a camera at hand is always a great way to capture those special moments.

Aftershoot: Hours Worth of Editing Reduced to Minutes

Working as a photographer for over a decade has helped me realize one important thing: I hate editing photos. I absolutely love every aspect of being a photographer, except for the editing. This is why Aftershoot has been incredibly useful to me.

The Best Images from GuruShots "Photogenic Pursuits" Challenge

Have you tried is the "The World’s Greatest Photo Game" from GuruShots? They offer challenges all the time and allow photographers of every level to submit and participate. Their latest challenge "Photogenic Pursuits," received thousands of entries and millions of votes. You can see the three winners of the challenge as well as hundreds of top rated images below.

picdrop – Photo Gallery Software You Should Try

One of the most common things clients can ask for from photographers is providing photo galleries. This allows you to not only deliver a better customer experience but also to boost sales. Let’s see how picdrop can help you create the best galleries for your clients.

Discovering Zoner Photo Studio X Pro's New and Attractive Functionality

Since HDR has been used (wrongly) so much in the past, it's a good time to make people aware of the changes happening in the industry. Zoner Photo Studio X Pro's latest update includes its new True HDR process. This comprehensive software has much to offer, not least an end to overblown HDR photos.

Going Solar With the BLUETTI Solar Generator EB55 Kit With PV200 Solar Panel

As a photographer who often camps or goes on adventure assignments, adding portable power stations to my kit has given me the ability to charge and work in even some of the most remote locations. While this kind of accessory is useful for any type of outdoor photography, it is also great for a studio where you don’t have an outlet or to have a strong power source in case of emergency. Let’s talk about the next level in portable power stations: solar generator kits.

Say I Do to the Right Equipment for Wedding Photography

In scenarios where you don’t get a second chance at capturing that photo, such as a proposal or a first kiss moment, you need trustworthy and high-quality equipment. In this article, we discuss the best equipment and tools for wedding photographers.

Acrylic Prints From ZNO: A Must Try

One of the best ways to display your work is by creating acrylic prints of them. Be it your own desire or a client wanting to go extra on their last photoshoot, acrylic-mounted prints are one of the best ways to create physical copies of your images. In this article, we will see how you can use client galleries to prompt your clients to purchase acrylic prints and display them on your wall.

Sleek and Modern: Here is why you Should Print your Images on Metal

Every photographer knows that moment when you realize you have created a special image. Those images deserve to be printed, and there are times when paper and frames just won't do. Metal Prints take the art of printing to the next level. In this article, we discuss why you might want to invest in Metal Prints.

Why You Must Give Your Clients Proof Prints

I know it, picking the right print for your album can be a difficult task. There is only so much research you can do and information you can give to your clients without presenting them with real physical prints to look at.

The Gear You Must Have for Low-Light Photography

Photographing in low light is one of the most challenging tasks you can encounter. This is a scenario where your setup truly matters. Not only should you know what to do with your camera, but also keep in mind which camera to bring for low-light photography. In this article, I will go over the essential gear for such work.

Winter Photography: The Art and Challenge of Cold Weather Photography With Kevin Bruseby and Zoner Photo Studio X

Winter photography is a realm where Kevin Bruseby excels, capturing the stark and serene beauty of winter. His journey reflects a blend of discovery and unique challenges associated with capturing the essence of the coldest season. Drawing from the tranquil Scandinavian winters, Bruseby describes his journey as one filled with discovery and challenges.

How to Increase Your Landscape Print Sales With Panoramic Photographs

Photographers, are you looking for ways to increase your print sales? I have a few super simple but often overlooked concepts that are not only easy but successful. Jump in and let’s explore how you can make panoramic prints profitable.

Let’s discuss your market. Who buys your prints now and who do you want to buy them? Whether you sell through a gallery, your own website, an Etsy shop, or other art-focused platforms, you will find that buyers look for and purchase art for a reason. For landscape photographers buyers are often situational such as customers who have been...

How You Can Boost Sales by Selling Prints

Printing images is a service that is often in high demand with various clients. While wedding albums may still reign king, it’s never a bad idea to go back to good old fashion silver halide photo prints. These differ from Fine Art Prints, which use a different printing process. Often times “silver halid” is also referred to as “Photographic Prints”, and Zno’s prints in this area offer many options.

Breaking Free From the Photo Business Rollercoaster

Why are you a photographer? You probably didn’t get into this thing assuming it was a get rich quick scheme or for status and power. More likely than not, you love taking photos, being around people, and the excitement of running your own business.

The Top Images from GuruShots "Tell A Story" Challenge

Our friends over at GuruShots, hosts of "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” recently offered a challenge where particpants submitted their best images "Tell A Story." There were thousands of entries and millions of votes throughout the contest but the top winners have been selected. See who won as well as the 60 top rated images below.

Unfold The Beauty of Layflat Photo Books

There are many options out there for printing and presenting your images. In this article, we look at the multitude of benefits of creating a Layflat Photo Book and shed light on why they are fast becoming a favorite amongst professional photographers looking for a budget-minded alternative to Flush Mount Albums.

Increase Your Photography Revenue Using Albums and Print Sets With Album Designer

In the digital age of photography, the imaging process has almost become effortless. Professional photographers can struggle to stand out in the crowded market. Although creating outstanding images is crucial to succeed in this craft of photography, photographers should take into consideration the business side of this profession, especially in increasing revenues. One of the potential ways to increase revenue is through the sale of albums and print sets.

Why Your Zoom Lens Is More Useful Than You Think

When it comes to telephoto lenses, most people think the main use is to take photos in situations where you can't get close to the subject, things like being stuck at the back of the chapel during a wedding ceremony. And while this reason is valid, there are more uses than just that.

2023 Black Friday Deals for Photographers

It's time for great photography savings with some of the biggest deals of the year. If you happen to be looking for new gear, a faster or easier way to edit your photos, or a more efficient shooting workflow, here are offers that will help.

Wow Your Clients With This Beautiful Fine Art Album

Have you ever wondered what could separate your photography business from the competition, especially in crowded markets like engagement, wedding, and newborn photography? The Fine Art Album from Zno could be your unique selling point to make your business stand out.

What Photographers Really Want for Christmas

Please, no more mugs shaped like lenses. No more photography pun t-shirts. Photographers, filmmakers, and content creators; send this article to the gift givers in your life for some handy hints on what gifts you would actually like to receive.

Deliver Beautiful Fine Art Prints to Your Clients With Zno

The photo shoot has ended and you are now finished with the editing of the images. What are you going to do next? You could deliver the images to your clients digitally, which can feel soulless, or you can go that extra mile and deliver beautiful fine art prints to your clients. In this article, I will show you how.

Canvas Is Still King: Canvas Gallery Wrap Gives the Portrait Printing Classic a Modern Makeover

If you offer portrait services in any way, be it weddings or family portraits, you will have sold a fair few stretched canvases in your time. Other wall products have come and gone over the years, but in this article, we explore why canvas is still that go-to product for photographers to showcase their work to portrait clients and suggest an elevated version to help you stand out from the rest.

Photographic Prints Like You’ve Never Seen Before

One of the most rewarding things you can do as a photographer is to see your images printed. Prints can be made either at home or at specialist labs, such as WhiteWall. Having dominated the fine art printing industry for years, WhiteWall keeps on evolving. Their latest innovation is related to monochrome photography.

The Aparo Meteor 30 and 60 RGB Tube Lights Are Pretty Wild

With so many amazing new RGB LED lights on the market, it's easy to see why so many content creators are utilizing these in both their photography and videography projects. Today, I look at the Meteor 30 and 60 Pixel Tube Light by Aparo and show you how I plan to use it in my own studio.

5 Cameras for Winter Photography

Winter photography can be a magical yet challenging experience due to the conditions that come with cold weather, snow, sleet, high winds, and limited daylight. As photographers, we can prepare for this in advance to ensure we're insulated and dry enough to keep out the elements that this season throws at us, but what about our equipment?

Why I Love a Wood Box for Prints

In the digital age of photography, the imaging process has almost become effortless. Professional photographers can struggle to stand out in the crowded market. Although creating outstanding images is crucial to succeed in this craft of photography, photographers should take into consideration the final step of delivering those printed images.

Zoner Photo Studio X: Powering Up with Faster and Easier Features

Zoner Photo Studio X (ZPS X) is an all-encompassing post-production suite and file management system that has been quietly growing into something truly impressive. In the latest update, ZPS X has seen some major user experience upgrades, making it faster and easier to use than ever before.

The Perfect Travel Strobe? We Review the Profoto A2

You’d be hard-pressed to find a portable flash at the level of Profoto A2 in terms of build quality, size, weight, power, ease of use, and consistency. It is genuinely a tiny marvel for any photographer. It is almost hilariously simple to set up, and yet, it delivers terrific results. Best of all, if you buy a Profoto A2 between now and October 31, you get a Connect remote for free.

Why Framed Canvas Is the Preferred Method of Delivering Photo Prints

In today’s world of photography where we are spoiled with choices, selecting the ideal method for delivering photo prints can be a daunting task. With an array of options available, photographers often find themselves constantly in a dilemma of choosing the perfect print method that is not only capable of showcasing their work in the best physical form but also provides an exceptional experience for their clients.

The Difference Between How Old Labs and New Labs Handle Collage Frame Orders

Photography has long been regarded as an art form that captures moments, emotions, and memories, preserving them for generations to come. The constantly evolving photography landscape is mostly driven by the advancement of the tools and technologies used to create and deliver photographs. While the art of photography has progressively changed and improved, the way images are developed has not changed much and often lagged behind based on the traditional lab approach.

My Favorite Flash System is On Sale

It's not often that my favorite flash system goes on sale, so when it does it's pretty big news. Now until August 31st, Profoto is offering up to $600 off their B10x and B10x Plus flash heads. If you looking to add to your kit or are wanting to switch over to a powerful and portable flash system that uses Profoto's light modifiers, this is a great deal to check out.

Filmora's Unique Approach to Understanding the Creator Community and Empowering Them With AI Solutions

Filmora, a leading video editing software, took a distinctive approach to connect with the creators' community attending VidCon 2023 in Anaheim, CA. At this event, Filmora sponsored a creator session featuring popular YouTubers creators NichLmao and Jensen Tung where they delved into the exciting possibilities of AI in video creation, empowering creators to enhance their creativity and productivity.