Head Back to School with a Free Course from the New York Institute of Photography (UPDATED)

Head Back to School with a Free Course from the New York Institute of Photography (UPDATED)

Although the summer heat is still lingering, fall is swiftly approaching. It's that time again: time to hit the books and head back to school. Books are expensive, but we have some exciting news: The New York Institute of Photography is giving three lucky winners their choice of a free photography course! There are just three easy steps to enter for your chance to win. NYIP offers 9 amazing online photography classes that will help you develop your photography skills:

How to Enter:

The New York Institute of Photography wants to make it easier for you to get the training you’re looking for to pursue your passion or start a new career. Enter from September 8th, 2015 - September 15th, 2015 via the method below:

  • Tweet "I want to go back to school with @NYIP"
  • Post in the comment section of this article which course you would like to take
  • Enter your email address below (this is how they will notify the winners)





Any photographer will tell you how important and invaluable education is. The New York Institute of Photography has been around since 1910 and originally began as a retail operation that taught its customers how to use the photography equipment they bought. Fast forward 105 years and NYIP is still providing quality education to photographers all over the world. That's right; you don't have to move to New York City to enroll. You don't even have to live in the United States! NYIP’s online photography courses allow you to learn from anywhere you are on any internet-connected device.

NYIP courses are perfect for photographers who want to develop their photographic talents, but may not have the time to dedicate to being a full-time student. The courses are completely self-paced and you have up to 18 months to complete a course. All of NYIP's courses are fully online and they offer photography certificates upon completion of the course. Each student is assigned to a professional photographer who will act as an advisor and instructor. Students will complete multiple choice exams throughout the course and also receive critiques on their photographs to help develop a sense of the individual student’s progress.

Whether you're brand new to photography or have been shooting for years, NYIP has courses specially designed with all photographers in mind. The courses start with "Beginner Photography Course." They cover in-depth training on how to use your camera and gear to its fullest potential, setting up perfect composition and training your eye, and how to get started with basic photography shoots. From there, the courses ramp up the difficulty, from learning about how to best become a Wedding Photographer to a Photojournalist. These intensive courses are geared more towards photographers who have been shooting and have a basic understanding of photography.

NYIP's "Professional Photography Course" is their most popular and comprehensive. With 270 hours of lessons, you'll learn how to know the business side of photography, develop your eye to find your individual style, and handle yourself like a pro in any situation. They also offer courses for those wanting to learn how to use Photoshop on a professional level, or those interested in learning more about how to create short films using their DSLRs. NYIP is one of the only accredited photography schools in the country. They are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and licensed by the New York State Education Department.

Even the most well-known professional photographers regularly take different courses to learn more about photography. It is an ever-changing world and there will always be more to learn. So, what are you waiting for!? Follow the three easy steps above and you could win a free course of your choice!


The winners have been selected. Congratulations to Nico Babot, Terje Bergesen, and Kristin Tsafos. You should receive an email from NYIP soon with details.

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Inti Vidal's picture

I´d love to take the Portrait Photography Course!

L.M. Uttinger's picture

I NEED and would LOVE to take the "Professional Photography Course"!! Thanks guys!

Deleted Account's picture

I'd love to take the Professional Photography Course (or the Portrait Course...or the Photojournalism Course) :-D

Milan Cherian's picture

My interest is in the 'Professional Photography Course'. Would love to take that course :)

Colin Jung's picture

I would love to take the Portrait Photography Course

Anonymous's picture

I would love to take the Video Making Course - thanks for this opportunity.

Christian Spies's picture

Professional Photography Course

Ryan Stikeleather's picture

I travel a lot with my day job, I would love to have quality training in Travel Photography to propel my dream job forward!

Hunter Zieske's picture

I'd love to take the Marketing for Photographers

Rui Simoes's picture

I would love to take the Portrait Photography Course!

Rudolph Tolar's picture

The Professional Photography and/or the Photoshop course I would love to enhance my skills.

Chilehead Craig's picture

I have a lot of interests, but looking to get bettet at Portrait Photography.

Jen Siena's picture

Would definitely be interested in the marketing for Photographers course or the travel photography!

Anonymous's picture

I'd like to take the Travel Photography Course!

Ken Kotch's picture

Marketing for photographers looks interesting.

Sandra Gallistl's picture

The Phptpshop course!!! This would be very helpful!

Konstantinos Ordoumpozanis's picture

I' lovw to have the Portrait Photography Course

Fidencio Enriquez's picture

I'd really love to win the Professional Photography course! *fingers crossed*

dariolizarraga's picture

I would like the Marketing for photographers course!

Juan Libreros's picture

I would love to take de Professional Photography Course!!

julien mayen's picture

I'd love to take the Professional Photography Course ;)

Tyler Garner's picture

It would be great to take the Professional Photography Course!

Nico BABOT's picture

The travel photography course looks awesome!

Idowu Asumah's picture

I'd luv to take on the Video Making Course

Jessica Bruyere's picture

I'm interested in the professional photography course.

Justin Sharp's picture

I would love the Travel Photography Course.

Razzaq Manley's picture

i would love to take the Professional Photography Course!

Ralph Hightower's picture

I'd love to take the •Professional Photography Course.

Jayne Almodovar's picture

I would love to do every single one of the courses im still looking for my north in photography. I always have strugle with my marketing approach. So I would really love the marketing course. And i would also like to win the beginner Portrait Photography and the portrait photography course... :)

José J. Soto's picture

I would love the Professional Photography Course.

Trevor French's picture

I'd love to take video making!

Tim Lorge's picture

The video making course looks great!

Pablo Rogat's picture

I would really love to take the Wedding Photography Course !!!! Please give a Chilean photographer a chance !!! :D Thank you very much !!

Francisco Javier Gómez's picture

I think this is a great opportunity to study and certify my photography skills in the New York Institute of Photography. I´d love to be part of the winners and take the Professional Photography Course.

Uday Arunachalam's picture

Wedding photography course

Sebastian Duesenberg's picture

Hi, I'd be very happy about "The Complete Course in Video Making & Storytelling". thx a lot!

Troy Warwick's picture

I would really benefit from enrolling in your Travel Photography Course. Thanks!

sasu riikonen's picture

I´d love to take the Portrait Photography Course!

Mihael Draksic's picture

Professional Photography Course

jazwi vasanth thennavan's picture

It would be a blessing to get a wedding photography course for me :)

norman pozuelos's picture

I would like to take professional photography course. :)

Jonathan Jones's picture

I would really love to be able to get more experience through out a really professional photography course, since I'm just a self-taught photographer. And don't have enough money to pay for a really photography school. :( thanks for the opportunity. :)

Andrew O'Hara's picture

They all look great, but I'd love to take the Portrait Photography course.

Kene Nwatu's picture

Portrait photography course.

eshard karim's picture

i would like to take the Portrait Photography Course.... trigger-fingers crossed :D

MARIA J. ATXEGA's picture

My choice "Photoshop Course". Thanks a lot

Dmitry Salakhov's picture

I'd like to pass Travel Photography Course

Simona Stanciu's picture

I would love to take the Professional Photography Course or the Marketing for Photographers Course. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dheeraj Virwani's picture

I'd love to take the Professional Photography Course ! Thanks a lot..

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