Take Advantage of Free Courses During LinkedIn's 'Week of Learning'

Take Advantage of Free Courses During LinkedIn's 'Week of Learning'

It's already Tuesday, but if you're like me – always open to sponge up as much learning and information as possible – you'll still be in time to get on with a free course on LinkedIn through their "Week of Learning," available until October 31.  Last year, LinkedIn bought educational site, Lynda.com, one of the largest online training and tutorial networks. Even though LinkedIn isn't one of the networks that members of the creative industries are most active on, there's still a lot of useful information, and the workshops and tutorials are actually very well produced.

The video courses I found great were: 


This whole idea of giving courses away for a week is to show you the value and to make you subscribe to this service. But, rest assured, there are no credit card details needed, and there is no need to subscribe unless you want or need to to improve your service offering. There are a lot of great topics to choose from, such as how to build your personal brandSocial Media for Photo and Video Pros, or Value-Based Pricing.

These short courses might not be based on photography, but they surely provide good information if you're starting to run a small business, part of which involves seeing clients and marketing your services. Do note: it's not easy to focus on just one. Perhaps the best part is that the videos are short and informative, and you can save them to your phone for offline viewing with the app just as with YouTube. 

You can check out the LinkedIn Week of Learning site here.

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Jason P's picture

Why be limited to a week? Some public libraries offer free access all year. The Los Angeles County Public Library does if you're in LA.

Wouter du Toit's picture

Hi Jason, I would assume it's for you to get a feel for it, and then pay to subscribe when the week is over. LinkedIn bought Lynda for a reason, and that's to make a profit. It sucks, but if you're looking to learn, you can also check out Creative Live for some awesome courses, free when viewed live, and if you want the best (paid for) workshop/tutorial videos, check out the Fstoppers.com catalog.

Jason P's picture

You're absolutely right about the free week being an offer intended to get you to subscribe to the service. My point was that you may be able to get free access year round at your local public library.

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