National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Now Open

National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Now Open

Every year, National Geographic hosts some of the biggest photography contests available to everyone. The annual Travel Photo Contest is now accepting entries through May 3, and it is worth it to submit entries early.

Not only is the contest one with incredibly high monetary prizes, but winning this is one of the most prestigious awards available to anyone and everyone. National Geographic is known throughout the world for their stories, and this contest is yet another epic opportunity for you to potentially have part of your story shared globally. Entrants are encouraged to tell stories of a particular place and travel moments that you found or find particularly inspiring. Photographs should be entered in one of the following three categories: nature, cities, or people.

For a chance to win the grand prize purse of $10,000, submissions are better entered earlier rather than later. During the first week of entry, submissions cost $10 a piece. The cost to submit an image increases each subsequent week by $5 until week six, the final week, where submissions are $35 per image. 

More than a few careers have been accelerated by winning this contest, and this might just be your opportunity! Whether or not you end up with any of the prizes, the contest and the community itself, cultivated by National Geographic, is an incredibly fun and inspiring one. To this day, I enjoy participating in these types of events, and I anticipate that you will too.

To participate, make sure to visit the National Geographic website: here.

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EL PIC's picture

Sounds like a money making adventure for NG .. 15000 entries last year at say $30 a price ...

Andy Barnham's picture

Interesting to see the licence potential winners agree to is buried in the competition T&Cs.

Simon Patterson's picture

I'm not so great at staging shots, so I'll leave it to those who are to enter.