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Are TFP Photo Shoots Really a Trade or Is Someone Simply Working for Free?

Collaborating with models for trade shoots, often referred to as TFP (Time for Print), provides a wealth of benefits to both parties involved. In this type of collaboration, neither party charges for their services, but both receive valuable assets in the form of high-quality images that can be used to build their respective portfolios.

The Growing Popularity and Creative Versatility of Boudoir Photography

In recent years, boudoir photography has experienced quite a surge in popularity, attracting women of all ages and backgrounds who want to capture their beauty in a classy and sensual way. While it's true that the rise in confidence and body positivity among women has played a significant role in this trend, there are several other factors contributing to its growing popularity.

Maximizing Your Potential: A Guide for Building Value and Setting Competitive Prices

As a photographer, understanding your place in the market is essential to the success of your business. Whether you are just starting out or are an established photographer, it's important to have a clear understanding of your competition, your preferred target audience, and demand for the photography services you offer.

Beyond the Studio: How Shooting Boudoir Outdoors Can Take Your Work to a New Level

The art of boudoir photography, which is playful, imaginative, and private, honors the femininity and beauty of women (though the genre is expanding rapidly to men as well). It's all about capturing personal and stirring moments that highlight your clients' best features. But have you ever thought about holding your boudoir sessions outside?

Why It Is Important to Take Your Branding Seriously

As a photographer, it's important for you to understand the significance of branding in your industry. While it may not seem obvious, branding is just as important for small businesses like yours as it is for large corporations. Branding encompasses much more than just a logo. It is the first interaction a potential client will have with your business.

It’s Not About the Camera, It’s About Who’s Pressing the Shutter

I can think of so many times throughout my career where I have drooled over that latest camera release or that most recent lens that my brain convinces me that I simply have to have. Realistically, though, what photographer out there hasn't done that at least once in their career?

5 Things to Avoid With Your Headshot Sessions

Headshots really aren't rocket science, but sub-par images being created, which can break the personal brand for which they are intended. This short video points out five relatively simple things that can be fixed with a little preparation before your next headshot session.

Keep It Simple: Stop Overthinking Your Boudoir Sessions

The art of boudoir photography can get lost in translation and become something other than what it was intended to be. Don't the photographer that fails to hit the mark and misses out on an amazing opportunity.

How Photography Helped Me Stay Positive Through Cancer Treatment

I'm not the first photographer that ended up going through the fun life challenge of combating cancer, and I sadly won't be the last. I did, however, find that my passion for photography and sharing with others helped me through some incredibly tough times.

Opportunities You Might Not Realize Are Available on Viewbug

Have you ever heard of our friends over at Viewbug? You probably should have by now because we've collaborated with them on a couple different photo contests at this point and there's more to the community than just photo contests.

Time to Say Goodbye to Instagram and Hello to Dayflash

Let's really be honest here, Facebook and Instagram have changed the rules enough times now that it's driven most of the fun out of the social media platforms and it's long been time for a change. Instagram used to be great for photographers but has since become an almost pointless endeavor for anyone that doesn't already have 100,000 followers or more.

Adding the Human Element to Landscapes

Let's be honest, landscape photography is just fun no matter where in the world you are shooting. I would even venture to say that it is growing with more and more popularity over time and with increased exposure from social media outlets.

Selectively Dodge and Burn Your Landscape Images in Photoshop

Landscape photography, as an art form, has benefited from techniques such as dodging and burning long before the advent of the digital camera. There are plenty of tutorials out there, both good and bad, about what to do with your images after you snap the shutter but sometimes the simplest methods are often the most rewarding.

Simple Steps for Planning a Travel Photography Trip

For all us photographers, travel and photography are activities that typically go together. Perhaps there is the random photographer out there that refuses to bring their camera along on vacations, but I think most of us can relate to James Wheeler's latest video.

Check out the New Texture Slider in Lightroom and Photoshop

That's right, Adobe users, they just added yet another slider into the already fairly extensive bag of tricks. There are probably several schools of thought, as to whether or not the programs needed another slider to control functions similar to sliders already present in the software.

Really, Nobody Cares What Camera You Use

Quite frankly, neither should you. I understand that we all love our gear and we all have dreams of upgrading and moving on to bigger and better things, but that's not the real point of it all, not really.

Organically Grow Your Instagram

Instagram isn't for everyone, this is true, but if you are looking grow your social media account with viable and engaged followers then this one is for you.

How One Photographer Made $35,000 in Stock Photo Sales

Stock photography is not for everyone, but it really can be a financially viable option for some of those photos you have just sitting on a hard drive at home. Realistically, unless you are already making thousands upon thousands of dollars from the images you've been creating, stock photography might just be the thing for you.