Beyond the Studio: How Shooting Boudoir Outdoors Can Take Your Work to a New Level

Beyond the Studio: How Shooting Boudoir Outdoors Can Take Your Work to a New Level

The art of boudoir photography, which is playful, imaginative, and private, honors the femininity and beauty of women (though the genre is expanding rapidly to men as well). It's all about capturing personal and stirring moments that highlight your clients' best features. But have you ever thought about holding your boudoir sessions outside?

Boudoir photography in the great outdoors offers you photographers a unique chance to develop your skills and produce breathtaking pictures that stand out from the crowd. For your career as a photographer, taking boudoir photos outside could end up becoming a game-changer. It can not only offer a broader variety of settings and backgrounds to pick from, giving your clients more imaginative and varied photographs, but it can also make the shoot more casual and comfortable.

One obvious benefit of taking boudoir photos outside is that it gives the images a more organic and natural appearance. By helping your clients to feel more at ease and engaged during the session, you'll be able to capture moments that arise more naturally instead of poses or expressions that are forced. These outdoor sessions can also provide a wider variety of lighting options to experiment with, from gentle, diffused light to strong, dramatic shadows. This can improve the quality of your work by resulting in more unique and dynamically photographs that still accurately portray the very best of each client. Particularly if your client is someone that prefers to be outside anyway, natural light and locations in nature help create shots that represent their personality and what they love about themselves as a person.

Taking your boudoir photography outdoors can also offer more room for innovation and experimentation. The possibilities are basically unlimited, from experimenting with various posing positions and lighting to adding natural aspects like farms, forests, streams, and beaches. You will be able to give them a more meaningful and lasting experience by letting them select a location that truly speaks to their own style and preferences. A better client experience leads to more favorable reviews and recommendations for your business, which leads to increasing your clientele and broadening your market. Offering custom-location photoshoots is a relatively untapped opportunity that most photographers haven't leveraged. This approach can easily broaden your clientele and draw in customers from other cities, states, or even other countries.

Keep in mind that outdoor shoots tend to capture the natural beauty that comes from flaws and blemishes in nature. Even if it has many imperfections, nature never ceases to amaze and awe us with its beauty. In a same vein, some of your customers may have flaws that other people see, but it does not change the fact that they are stunning in their own special manner. When photographing boudoir sessions outside, urge your clients to embrace their inner explorer and to let themselves to feel their beauty entwined with the natural world. You may achieve a more natural and organic atmosphere by embracing the environment that your customers are in, such as the dirt that is beneath their feet and the sun that is on their skin. Help your customers feel more relaxed and at ease in their surroundings. Nature works wonders every time, I promise.

I'd also highly recommend that you take advantage of opportunities to work with other creatives, including makeup artists, stylists, and event coordinators. Quality collaborations make room for more network-based marketing and an even stronger word-of-mouth referral basis. Involving other such creatives allows for even more bundled and packaged opportunities. You end up being able to offer more to your clients, saving them the time and hassle of having to organize those details on their own. I can't build that up anymore than that. I swear by my networked partners because each one helps me do more for my clients, which makes life better for everyone involved with each shoot. Plus, it's unique. Most of these other creative professionals would kill for the chance to do something outside the norm. Have fun with it.

As if you needed any additional reasons to try it out, here's another one for you. You may find that you have greater financial flexibility and savings by shooting boudoir photographs outside. You won't have to be concerned about renting expensive studio space or equipment, and the natural settings will provide you with an infinite number of opportunities to create the photographs that your clients already want. This can make it easier and more economical for customers to take use of your services, which may result in an increase in sales and prospects for expansion.

In a nutshell, there are numerous benefits to shooting boudoir in natural outdoor settings, both for the client and for you, the photographer. It can easily lead to a more relaxing shoot, increase the variety and originality of the images, and provide a more unique experience for each client. Making use of natural settings and backgrounds allows you to create beautiful and unforgettable photographs that truly capture the essence of each client. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Rex lives in Saint George, Utah. His specialty is branding and strategy, working closely with businesses to refine their branding, scale internal structure, and produce high-quality marketing efforts. His photography is primarily commercial, with intermittent work in portraiture, product imagery, and landscape photography for his own enjoyment.

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I def find the more natural outfits to be sexier than the over the top lingerie out in nature. There is something about a session that looks natural and casual that comes across sexier than the more over the top sex appeal that feels out of place. Goodness though, I can't imagine having Utah as my playground for all things photography. That state is beautiful!

I'm right there with you, I much prefer more simplistic outfits. 1000%

Come out to Utah! I'll give you a personal tour of all my favorite spots! Plus we can shoot more fun stuff than lingerie..

In terms, boudoir outdoors is an oxymoron. "Boudoir" is and will always be indoors, typically a bedroom setting.

With that said, I'm not such a traditionalist prude. I like unorthodox shoots, such as over the top lingerie in an outdoor/outside setting. I'm planning on doing something similar to these variety of outdoors:

I'm right there with you, I just have no idea what we'd call "boudoir" when it's outside. Outdoir? Lol, can we make up a new word for it?

Also, my man, those photos of yours are KILLER!! If you ever end up in Utah, we gotta collaborate. Keep me posted on your new outdoor shots too, if you're game, I'll totally feature them in a subsequent article.

--- "I just have no idea what we'd call "boudoir" when it's outside. Outdoir?"

Haha. Just call it lingerie/glamour outdoors. No need to invent a new term and/or get fancy. :D

--- "If you ever end up in Utah, we gotta collaborate."


I'm serious, I love collaborating with other photographers. When in Utah, hit me up!

Excellent, Rex.

Though I don't really do what I would call "boudoir" I would call it "boudoir ish" I love doing sessions outdoors; especially in the state we live in. Last summer I committed to doing more outdoor shoots than in the past. This summer I'm hoping to commit to even more.

Boudoir-ish, I love it! I'm right there with you, my friend, itching to be more creative this year than the past few. We gotta plan another shoot together soon!

Yes! Southern Utah is calling my name :)