Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: ACDSee's Contest Will Shine a Spotlight on Your Work With a Prize Worth $25,000!

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: ACDSee's Contest Will Shine a Spotlight on Your Work With a Prize Worth $25,000!

How would you like your work and vision turned in to an inspiring movie for everyone to see, combined with a photographic assignment that will see you and a person of your choosing flown out to a destination in North America? This contest gives you all that and more!

This may sound like a dream to most people but the process is actually as simple as spending a minute to fill in your details and submit your application to enter the contest! ACDSee, a creative and innovative technology company, that provides digital image solutions for clients worldwide as well as offers practical tools for photographers, such as variety of photo and video editing software packs, are giving one lucky winner an opportunity of a lifetime. 

So, why would anyone fly us out to a beautiful location, pay for an exciting assignment, and even create an inspiring movie about us and our vision at the end of it? This isn't the first time ACDSee is organizing this initiative, in fact, this will be their fifth "Photographer's Spotlight", with previous winners such as Tom Parker, who's an adventure and lifestyle photographer from Vancouver Island, B.C., Manred Baumann, Austrian born celebrity and model photographer, and Raheim Simon, also known as Black Soap, a New York photographer showcasing the grit and the beauty of the street.

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The concept of shining a spotlight on a particular artist, according to ACDSee, is all about letting the audience in on the "why" and "how" these inspirational photographers create their art, where they seek their inspiration and how they translate their unique vision into a finished photograph, whether they photograph people, the land, streets, fashion, or more. It's less about what tools they use, and more about their ambition and eagerness to stay true to their vision, and the hunger to go out there and do the very best they can.

The contest will provide you and a "plus one", whether it's your partner, friend, model, or assistant, with flights and accommodation to a location in North America, followed with receiving your current day rate for the work. ACDsee will also purchase 5 photographs and promote you and your work though the "Photographer Spotlight" video as seen above, which will be shared across various social media channels and also feature on their website for 3 months. You will receive a copy of the video to use for your own marketing, and any images you take throughout this trip will remain yours to keep and use. The trip will last 5 days altogether, with 2 days allocated for shooting, one day for recording audio for the final video, and the rest of the time will be yours to spend however you choose to!

You can enter the competition here and the entries close on April 26th, 2019, with winner being announced on May 6th, 2019. I don't know about you but I already entered because who wouldn't love to be a part of this adventure? Will you consider putting your name down for this? Let us know!

Lead image by Roger Erdvig via Unsplash, used under Creative Commons.

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Step 1. Have Facebook.
Step 2. Nope

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I personally do not agree with the way Facebook handles the information that is freely given by its users. For that reason I do not use it or support it.

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Nothing you say or operate through the internet is safe so you’re already failing by being here.

Be scared ...

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Bummer. I do not have Facebook, and do not understand the meaning behind having to share it on this platform. You are cutting out a lot of potential talent this way (not everyone is on FB). If anything, the link should be to share on a Photographers platform, such as 500px. Oh well!

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I hate sharing ads on my facebook page and bothering my friends about things they are probably not interested in.