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Only 15 Days Left To Win A Free Ipad!

It is December 1st which means you only have 15 days left to win the Apple iPad we are giving away through our Twitter Account. If you haven't heard about this or have been living under a rock, click the video below to find out how you can win and also be sure to check out Lee Morris's post on how to use an Eye-Fi card to wirelessly tether your DSLR camera to the iPad.

Fstoppers is Giving Away an Apple Ipad from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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Danny Mendoza's picture

yep im following, here is to crossing my fingers real nice and tight

Lucy Lu's picture

Following, mentioned, now wait! x

Mike's picture

Totally awesome video. If you guys created any more bts like this one, shooting on a budget, I would definitely dig it.

Stefan Segers's picture

I have the original and new pro Eye-Fi cards, but the new version with RAW won't work in a Canon camera with an CF Slot + CF2SD card.
It would be a super solution for Canon users as well. So a 1D will work because it has a SD card as an extra slot.

james's picture

Way cool tip on using the Iphone as your recording device. I was playing around with it and if you have some kinda of hands-free for your phone, you can use it as a mic as well. So if you had a bluetooth earpiece, you could have a wireless mic set-up which might have some uses. Now that I'm thinking about you could get pretty creative with that kind of set-up... hmmmm....

Andrea's picture

That is so awesome! What a great idea!!!