Robert Simpson Has Now Submitted 5 Videos For Our BTSV Contest

To all of our readers who "don't have the time" or "don't know how" to create a video for our Behind The Scenes Contest, I just wanted to point out that FS reader Robert Simpson has now submitted his 5th video (I don't think he's done yet). Keep in mind that you still have almost 3 months to submit your video and have a shot at over $20k in prizes.

In the video below (which happens to be my favorite) Robert takes us through every step of creating an interesting concept and bringing it to life. He calls it "The Little People."

Here are the four other videos that Robert has also submitted.

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Robert seems like a really nice guy and i really want him to win..... which is really annoying as im editing my bts entry and im sure all 5 of his are about 100x better than mine will be! :( his videos are great!

way to go robert!! my fave is the "small world"... keep me update for the 6th   :D

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Those are so great!

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This reminds me of the Indian in the Cupboard books 

Aww, this was cool. On another note, his voice reminds of the protagonist in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Brilliant. His process was nothing extreme but was WELL planned. Bravo. He has set the standard. What is so good is his attention to the actual bts. This man told a story, then added a soundtrack, then showed and explained the full process and produced an excellent shot.

Many of these BTS's don't do this, let alone give a very simple step by step. Many just just a fast forward or sped up video to zip through the details a lesser retoucher may not understand.

This is a true educational BTS and wonderful.

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Yeah that's what lee and I refer to as "music videos". No talking, no education, and nothing good for photographers or potential clients. When will people stop making those?

this is an amazing piece of work considering it was all done inside a house with no fancy studio gear or cyclo. Bravo Robert!!

Very good, but remember paths and adjustment layers are your friends...

I really liked this one, and the Small World video - all the others, i dont think were anything spectacular.
This is easily my favourite one though!

From start to finish, there was a very clear plan, and very well thought out. So in theory, NOTHING could of gone wrong really.

Only issue I would of had, is to use the Pen tool, and not the Lasso tool to cut them out - Mainly as if you accidently double click with the Lasso, it just finishes your selection! And you cant Undo that either, so you would have to start again :( (unless you can, and i just havnt found a way).

And yeah again, the adjustment layers instead of directly editing the layers, but thats not overly a big problem.

You could follow his instructions exactly yourself and get the the same result, or vary it to your own. No steps missed out at all and everything clear! ... Awesome :)

Great BTS. Wow I really need to surpass myself

Really, really good Robert. I agree with some of the other commenters: seeing the very grassroots, home-based setup really makes me want to start pushing the limits of what I'm doing. I really liked everything about that BTS, and the shot itself. I love the concept of the little people, the lighting is spectacularly well-handled, and you used photoshop in subtle but effective ways. Not to mention how well you presented everything in the video. Truly first-rate my friend, best of luck in the contest.

Bravo! Wonderful work. Though I will be posting my video soon, I must say, for the sheer drive and delight in his work, he has my vote, applause and gratitude. 

Hey Robert, way to keep on making those. I've only been talking about it. Well organized and clear.
PLEASE though, ROBERT, you gave me a heart-attack when you flattened your final file and used a lasso tool. Please do yourself and my heart a favor and learn these quick tricks, this way you have so much more control and you can always go back to make edits (if needed). This is a non-destructive way to retouch. Youtube "Adjustment Layers" and "Pen Tool Selections" for some quick tutorials.
Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

Dystopian Photography:

Wao!! I love Robert's work. Very inspiring and informative. I really like how he breaks it down for all of us as viewers. He's like a "Bob Ross" for BTS (photographers). LOL!!  TWO THUMBS UP!

I love his end products and his creativity; But I can't get past the awful photoshop techniques. Some really poor habits there.

Wow, Robert is great! I learned several things about Photoshop I didn't know! Shop lights? Fantastic!