[Video] 2 Months Left To Enter This Years Biggest Photo/Video Contest

Our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest ends on December 31st which gives you a little less than 2 months to submit your video. I want to make it very clear that you SHOULD NOT wait until the 31st to submit your video because something will go wrong; it always does. Plus, videos submitted early will be posted to the front of Fstoppers and many that come in at the last minute will not get the same exposure. Stay tuned until the end of this video for a little "surprise" for all of you gear heads out there.

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Lee, can I focus on the post-production workflow of a shoot rather than the shoot itself? Obviously, I'd give some details on the setup & everything as well.

Yep anything goes.

Love the twist at the end of that video. Hollywood is jealous.

I'm currently working on 4 video's all at the same time to make sure they are in before December (have to make my 10-video challenge!) ... you're dead right, Lee, don't want to leave anything for the last minute.

Are you going to give us any clues as to who the judges might be? ;)

If most people name their top 5 photographers... at least a couple of our judges will make their list :)

Recent photo school graduate with a shoot in the works for next weekend.  I am looking forward to throwing my bts vid in the mix for some feedback.

just ordered the Steadicam Merlin. Going to shoot my first video ever, basically a result of over a year of watching Fstoppers.

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Have fun, the Merlin rocks. Just don't forget tripod shots can be effective too....any less stress on the arms :)

Hey Guys!

Lee could you tell us if theres also a good movie filming app for the iphone available or is it just the standard camera app from iphone?