Win a Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D800 in This Free Photo Contest!

Win a Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D800 in This Free Photo Contest!

Our friends over at Viewbug are at it again! Their new photo contest, "Clever Angles," stands out from their 120 live photo contests as extra special. After all, how many free photo contests offer a prize as huge as the coveted Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800?! Submit your image showing creative use of angles or composition for your shot at a new 5D Mark III or Nikon D800, or just browse the entries gallery for inspiration! What do you have to lose?

The above featured image was already entered by Viewbug user zenit. To view the full gallery of what others have already submitted or enter your own photo click, here. The contest will be accepting images for the next 22 weeks. Voting will occur between June 8th and June 27th, 2016. The winner will be judged by use of creativity and originality in accordance with the theme. 

The top prize winner will win their choice of a Canon 5D Mark III or a Nikon D800.

The people's choice winner will receive a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, as well as an exclusive blog feature.

The amateur winner will also receive a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, as well as an exclusive blog feature.

With a list of incredible prizes, submit your most creative "clever angle" now! You can also check out some of the other amazing contests and photos on Viewbug.

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Justin Myers's picture

Canon is really killing it with the 5D3. Its almost 4 years old and still doesnt need a replacement.

Your right about one thing, Canon for sure is Killing it... the brand I mean.... Who here has switched to Sony... Panasonic? lol. I gave up on Canon sorry all.

I switched to Nikon last year. The D750 smoked my 5dmkIII.

Travis Alex's picture

You must be in a time warp. It's 2016, not 2011.

A chance to win a camera discontinued a couple of years ago?

Chris Johnson's picture

Sweet, don't enter than, better chances for me. I'm sure it will do a lot better than my t2i.

A free camera is still a camera...

Chris Adval's picture

Last time fstoppers sponsored viewbug I was glad... but saw viewbug's whole business model revolves around contests, pay to win contests with no recognition from the vast majority that charges for entry. I'm not knocking it down for others but for me, its not. I'd prefer paying entry on contests that have some recognition-able weight to them.

Robert Riede's picture

I already wondered if someone would mention that, thanks. That business model can be called questionable. But also commented by rather harsher words.

Varun Bhatt's picture

Interesting deal
i would love to get this

Dan Ostergren's picture

I tried entering, however was prompted to pay for the highest tier of membership. This isn't a free contest.

David Strauss's picture

Dan, although you are prompted to pay, you should be able to proceed with a normal sign up without paying.