The Winner Of The 72 Hour Photoshop Contest...

So we did a little experiment and tried our first ever photoshop contest....and the results were interesting to say the least. I think the holiday parties might have come early for some of our readers! If you have not checked out the images submitted you can check them out here on the forum. I really wanted to pick one of the crazy ones that made me and Lee laugh as the winner but I have to give credit where credit is due. Scroll down to see who won the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 camera bag and let us know in the comments if you guys enjoyed this contest. Also check out our monthly photo contest running on the forum here (December theme is "Illusion").

Congrats to Jpoudrier who created the most realistic high key image which I know isn't easy to do with this type image. Here is his winning photoshopped image, and if you didn't win, no worries. We will have more contests coming up very soon.

Original unedited image by Patrick Hall

Winning image by Jpoudrier

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Lee Morris's picture

I think Jayme's edit is fantastic! Congrats to you.

If you guys enjoyed this contest let me know. We may try to make it a monthly thing and we will keep those prizes coming.

I very much enjoyed this contest. Very neat to see others creativity. It must be hard for you guys to judge too but I do agree with your choice for this contests winner. Thanks for holding this contest. Cheers.

Congratulations, great edit! I can almost always figure out how to recreate things I see in Photoshop, but can rarely come up with the ideas themselves. Very creative!

Von Wong's picture

I would have chosen the same! Amazing ::)

I would LOVE to know how that was done!!! Looks incredible!!!

holy shit

Wow! Looks amazing. Well done Jpoudrier

seriously great edit, does this guy jayme have a website?

What an amazing work done in that picture.

My 5 cents for this fun contest is that the contributors make a screenrecording () of their photoshop-work as it progresses.
It would be like a BTS-video that follows with the actual picture they contribute with.
And that is what this great site is all about, yes?

Nice one, very interesting DOF, overall nice treatment. Well done to all who participated :)

Thanks for all the kind words folks. :)
I will definately consider making a BTS/Tutorial video.

@Paddy: I have a domain with a splash page. However, at this time I do not advertise myself on the net. My regular job is time consuming enough. :P

@Daniel: I wish I had thought to do a screen recording before hand. It would have taken a lot of time off redoing it. If I participate in a future Fstoppers again, I will make that my a high priority.

@daniel....thats what I did for my entries... But im a designer 1st photographer 2nd.
i thought it might demonstrate my approach with photoshop.....Maybe i should have went more "photo" like.
@ jaymes nice clean commercial image....thats what the judges where looking for! Good job..Congrats

Great edit !!! once I saw this one, i knew contest over !!!

now where is the tutorial !! lol

Love it. So I'll be shooting a wakeboard demo at the Toronto boat show next month. This gives me an ides - but the background will be bleacher seats - a bit harder to remove with the lighten blend mode.