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Submit your best black and white photo for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial
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Many of the black and white images submitted for this week's critique were stunning, though Lee and Patrick didn't always agree. How do you think the 20 selections should have been rated? 

Of the twenty images that were chosen for critique, two submissions were chosen for a free Fstoppers tutorial. Congratulations to Mathijs van den Bosch for submitting the highest community rated image and to Randy Gustafson for being the randomly selected entrant to win the prize. We will be in touch with both of you via your Fstoppers profiles to claim the tutorial of your choice. 

If your image wasn't selected this round or if you missed your chance to participate, we are already accepting submissions for our next episode. Pick out your favorite wedding images and see how they stand up against your fellow community members by adding them to the contest HERE

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 08 Nov 18 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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For the first image wouldn't it be a reflection off of a piece of art or something in a plaza of the main building going up the center.

Thanks guys for the critique!
I'm the guy shooting the car picture with the white shirt people.

The people were actually not models, but drivers, as I was hired to follow this event car chauffeur service for a day and make pictures of them shuttling the participants from one event location to the next.

At this location we were in a inner courtyard between buildings and I went into one of those buildings looking out of the window and directing them where to park, in between their job of driving people. We didnt have much time to get the shot, but thats the result.

The cars are that black on the facing side, because if you look closely you can see they are reflecting the building I'm shooting out of, while the top sides are reflecting the sky

Thanks again guys. It was a fair rating!

Edit: while i watched the critique I thought "Damn, I should have told them to stare all to the left side with their head up" would have made it more interesting I think

Thanks for the critique guys! Just thought I would let you know that the weird triangles on the side of my photo of the beached yacht is actually part of the negative boarder, all hasselblad 6x6 negatives leave the triangles in different spots so you can identify different backs used :) thanks again guys I really appreciate it!

My photo is taken in a circus tent here in southern Finland and there is actually a story behind the picture :)

I had previously lost all my camera equipment during a whitewater adventure. So I created a new photo project about the life on a circus and contacted Sony Finland to ask if they wanted to lend me camera equipment for this. By the Circus Director, I requested free entry to four performances and I promised to try to get at least one photo spread around the world.

So I followed the whole process of setting up the tent, the performances and then the work of moving the show to another city. The first show I saw without camera, only a notebook in my hand.

What impressed me most at Circus Finlandia was how well organized everything was, and how good they treated all animals. So my thought behind this photo was to show how skillful the rider was, to pick up a beautiful moment in his performance and to show how beautiful and magnificent the horse was. I waited a long time for the right moment.

So I feel very grateful that you liked the photo so much! I gave a wild promise to the Circus Director but you made it come true! I'm a novice at Photoshop so my next project will be to learn "dodge and burn" in Photoshop :)

Camera: Sony ILCA-99AM2
Lens: 24mm F2 ZA SSM
ISO speed: 1600
Exposure: 1/160 sec at f2.2

Kind regards to all of you

Hey guys, thanks for the critique. I took the image of the trees in the water. I appreciate the review, both positive and negative comments are helpful. However, I wanted you to know that the image was, with the exception of some slight dodging burning, not overly edited as suggested by Lee. Thanks again for the critique.

It’s called selective perception Patrick. It’s like when your wife is pregnant, all of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere. That doesn’t mean there are more than usual, it just means you never payed attention to it. Same goes for your shoes 😜

Thank you guys for the citique! I took the image of the sand and seashell. Your appreciation gives me hints to improve my work!!!

Many thanks everyone for the votes on my image!!
@Lee and Patrick: The image is not duplicated, the buildings (6th Av in New York) are reflecting in a metal piece of art.

Hey .. Lee Morris Patrick Hall - thanks for the critique on my image.. photo was shot all in one. projected checkerboard on background, using lightblaster, (I'm not that good at photoshop!). Crop is one of many from this series.. there are ones with the full body, but this one has been the one of the most successful . I appreciate the feedback :) Cheers

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