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For this week's Critique the Community, we are looking for your best images that represent "Design." These images can be from any type of portfolio depending on what your idea of design is but what we want to see is a strong sense of color, shape, visual flow, and purpose. If all goes well, this Critique the Community will be reviewed live on our new Fstoppers Live channel where our viewers can participate in the critique and commentary live on air. 

As always, the highest rated image from the community will receive a free download from the Fstoppers Store. A second free download will be given to one random image selected for the critique as well. Make sure you submit all your images before the deadline on July 20th, 2020. Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your amazing photography based around "design."

  • Submission Deadline: Mon, 20 Jul 20 16:15:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 211 people have cast a total of 9,377 votes on 268 submissions from 155 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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The link on the last contest's homepage description says this is themed around "Winter".

I'm seeing some absolute bangers getting rated 2.5.
This community is a bunch of animals out for blood.

Agreed. Unfortunately taste is subjective and there is no right or wrong way to judge an image. And this community is definitely on the harsher side of things.

I also agree, and unfortunately a lot of people in the world these days have a very selfish way of looking at things.

Having said that, I think this theme is a little challenging in terms of which images fit “design”. Some may have voted great photographs poorly based on it not really meeting the criteria for design based on the description or their own interpretation. Although I don’t know how much weight that point actually holds as it’s very common to see “excellent” images in these critiques rated as a 2.

Chase Wilson for non-english speakers, what do you mean by "absolute bangers"? Just asking cause you've listed my photo in your comment...

Real good images.

So thank you Chase Wilson ! I didn't know if it was good or bad! :-)

They need to make to where you can see who ranked it what

I think the main problem with doing that would be if someone took offence to a ranking another member gave one of their pictures (which is highly likely to happen) then the site could turn into a grief fest where people go and vote down others pictures purely out of spite.

Sometimes after when I vote (suppose on a photo that I feel is a solid 3), than see the average is far below it (for example high 1, low 2) I tend to change my vote to a 4 to supplement

Why stop at 4? Go 5.

Is your opinion worth more than someone else's?

I understand why it would seem as such. However I only do this when I feel a photo is underrated. Knowing that the guys from fstoppers and other people also agree that the community tends to be very tough. I would never do the opposite and rate lower than what I feel the photo is worth to try to bring down the average. I do try to bring up the average when I feel it's underrated because I believe it would encourage and give energy to the photographer to present stronger photos in future. I personally feel a little disappointed with myself when I see a photo I took which I was somewhat proud of being rated very low. I'm sure there is some truth to it, as there are photos that are getting ratted higher and are truly better than my work too. But I try to encourage photographers that have more potential. I do not feel that my opinion is worth more than someone else whatsoever.

I've always had a problem with this sort of subject. The designer is the original artist, the photographer is creating a derivative work. In rating, how do we separate the impact of the original design from the vision of the photographer? Thus, they are virtually impossible to grade, in my opinion.

i think you made a generalization.

as photographers, our goal is capturing light. there for most of the time the frame will include a symbiosis between the designer's object and light.

i agree that there are photos over here and in the web in general, that are literally photo of designed objects in ordinary lighting. about those we can totally agree that they are problematic.

Definitely one of the weakest contests, Hope the next one is a unique topic

Well, this was my first time entering a contest here. I guess I definitively did not pick my best images to "fit" the theme. Funny seeing how low rated my bridge picture is (the other ones I get it). I've participated with that image in various contests on another website and have been in the top 20% and even digitally showcased in a gallery exhibition in Italy. Oh well...guess I gotta do better next time.

Hi Marianne, don't take the ratings to heart. They are always like this here. This site is very polar - the groups are awesome while the CtC is less so (ratings only - the actual critique at the end is very interesting). I join these to see the many ways that the great photographers who participate interpret the theme and don't pay any mind to the ratings.

I am guessing by your example that you are participating in Gurushots. Don't forget that on that site you only vote in favor of images while here you can actually vote against an image by giving it a low rating. This makes the results here a totally different beast. Also, since you benefit from voting on Gurushots, you are likely to get many votes that are just given to boost the voters' visibility. Not to say that your image didn't deserve the votes - just that that system is flawed in its own way as well.

Hang in there and try to ignore the hit to the ego of the "snap shot" votes. It stings but it doesn't actually reflect the quality of your work.

Yeah, I'm not taking it hard. Everyone does have their own views. Plus, my shots are nowhere near some of the other photogs here. But I do love watching the CtC videos!

Oh, and yes I meant Gurushots but also Viewbug. At Gurushots my bridge picture was actually picked twice as a Guru's favorite. But again that was one person's view compared to many.

I'm enjoying participating. Makes me think of what I want to try for next time to get a better shot.😊

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my comment!

I just started on here too Merianne and am seeing the samething. I also do very well on Guru and Viewbug....this is a whole different to learn though

It's definitely fun! Makes me want to challenge myself.

Hi, I saw your bridge photo but I missed out on this contest and wasn't able to vote. I like your photo but I would change it to B&W if it was me. Technically speaking, its fine. The composition works and I like the use of cables for leading lines. The thing that really stands out about your photo is the contrast between two elements, natural (clouds) and man-made (bridge). However, I feel the blue sky is competing for that attention. Making it B&W will remove that 'distraction' and allow the viewer to focus and appreciate the contrast in elements.
Also, if I were you, I would be cautious mentioning previous accolades in your photo entries - particularly in contests. Some people might perceive that negatively. Let the viewers decide how they feel about it rather than being 'told' that it's supposed to be a great photo because it won awards.
Glad you're enjoying the site. I'm somewhat new here myself. I never really cared about numbers specifically. I focus more on the engagement in the community.
Just my 2 cents...Cheers

Hey Manuel, you might not have been able to vote but you can still comment on the images. It would probably be a better place than to give a personal critique to a photographer in the main thread. Just my 2 cents. Not meant to be a dig. Just a suggestion. 🤗

Hi Manuel, thank you so much for your feedback! I never actually thought about doing B&W on that's a great idea and you're right that it will probably eliminate the distraction! I will definitely take into account not putting the accolades...just had no idea what to write lol. I'll do better on my next contest.

Ruth, thank you so much for sticking out for me😊.

How long after the submissions close we can watch your live?

Yea, 1.65, new record!

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