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2.15 - "Needs Work" 

Taken from inside a car, going over the bridge in Charleston, SC while visiting for the day. Has actually won in the top 20% on other websites.

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Blck Blt's picture

those other websites were kind.

Merianne Riestra's picture

Thanks for your feedback. Could have been nicer about it but I still like my picture. Everyone has their own opinion.

Next time you want to give feedback I would suggest at least giving CC on how to improve instead of just being snarky.

Blck Blt's picture

Anytime :)

Seriously though, you spent more time complaining on this website than the two seconds it took to take that photo out the window of a moving car.

Approach your photography with the same professionalism you used in creating your watermark.

ok snarky bit over.

- don't love the perspective. bit more to the left could have added some symmetry. or maybe go for something a bit more abstract. feels like its a bit of both but neither.
- time of day it was shot makes everything look a bit flat and low contrast.
- black and white could look good.
- maybe crop out some of the top right
-the concept is ok, just needs more thought

Merianne Riestra's picture

Thank you for the CC. Someone else mentioned the B&W and I'll be trying that out.

Hopefully, in the future on other contests I can provide a picture you'll like more. I do think my photography thru more, this was just a shot where that wasn't a choice.