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  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Dec 20 16:45:00 +0000

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Welcome to another Critique the Community! For this contest we want to see your best photos that represent high end e-commerce. Sure, you can submit images shot on pure white but we are looking for those hero shots that you'd see on the front of online stores and digital catalogs. Feel free to submit images of clothing, electronics, services, products, or anything else that might sell online site unseen. 

Each photographer is allowed to submit up to three images. Please remember to write a bit about how you created the image in the description otherwise your images will not qualify for selection. 

One random images will win a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, but we will also be giving away a special digital giveaway to a lucky winner as well.  As always, good luck and we look forward to seeing your best photos!

  • Submission Deadline: Thu, 31 Dec 20 16:45:00 +0000

    New submissions are closed.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 193 people have cast a total of 9,545 votes on 229 submissions from 117 contestants.
  • Winners have not yet been announced.

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Dan Grayum's picture

Some really good images so far. Alot of talented people to learn from here!

Robert Sakowski's picture

Seems like a lot of people don't understand the term "e-commerce"...

George Popescu's picture

Yeah, some people posted fully designed pieces with added text and other things instead of just a photo, the theme was not advertising design was it?
Also after seeing 4-5 Alcohol bottle shots you've seen them all.

steve gunn's picture

Sales copy makes it a hero image...

Cool Cat's picture

Alcohol bottles and everything else has been done a 1000 times before. But there are still techniques to be learned from other people.

steve gunn's picture

A lot of good ad posted there

Dan Jefferies's picture

portrait photography = e-commerce... okaaaay

Dan Menard's picture

I want more CTC videos. 4 weeks is too long. Hook it up guys. I need my fix.

Dan Grayum's picture

I know, this and coronavirus journals were my bread and butter.

Dan Grayum's picture

New year, new critique... who dis?

Kyle Foreman's picture

Will there ever be another contest?

Adam Stevenson's picture

It's been 2 weeks since this contest closed.
I often find that I don't have an image ready to enter in any given contest and I would like to try to take one and enter it. Often there just isn't time.
What do you think of releasing the next completion as usual, but also releasing the subject of the one after that? Then keep that method going forward so there's always something to be working on.
It would be especially helpful when we have a situation like this where this critique has been closed for weeks, we would still have something to be thinking about and getting ready for.

Graham Taylor's picture

Has the video for this one been made?

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