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1.79 - "Needs Work" 

I recently picked up sometimes for a client and wanted to take a test photo while waiting for the clients products to make it over to me. I used a recently purchased Leatherman for the subject.

Set up: taken inside a light box with the tool suspended in the air via fishing line. Below the tool was a mirror and behind it was a fake grass thing from Michael’s.
Taken on: Canon R6 w/ EF 100 2.8 Macro on a tripod at f16. I took multiple shots to focus stack if need be but F16 worked enough for me to get away with a single shot.
Edit: color grading done in Lightroom Classic starting from an old Peter McKinnon preset after wish I played a lot with the blacks and the green hue and luminance. After that, photo was taken into Photoshop where I removed the strings and cloned in the background the the bottom ten percent of the image to remove the reflection from the mirror. Finally I rotated the image 90 degrees so it would be horizontal.

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