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The votes have been cast and Fstoppers members have given their feedback in the latest episode of Critique the Community. Check out the 20 images we chose to give feedback to and see if your ratings matched up with Lee and Patrick and the average consensus from the community.

Congratulations to Nico BABOT for submitting the highest voted picture taken on a cell phone and to Mark den Hartog for being our randomly chosen entrant to win an Fstoppers original tutorial. We will be in touch via your Fstoppers profiles to claim your prize. 

If you weren't able to submit your pictures to this episode, join us in the next one where we will be critiquing wildlife photography. We'll be looking for pictures of animals out in a wild habitat, not shots your dog and cat roaming curled up in your house. 

  • Submission Deadline: Tue, 20 Mar 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Evan Smith's picture

Lee Morris Patrick Hall thanks for your critique and the kind words! The last photo was taken at 30,000 feet while flying across the country. Honestly couldn't tell you where I was or what river that is.

Kelly Haworth's picture

Thanks for selecting my photo for critique. Appreciate the "harsh" review, but you nailed it: I actually do post these kind of images to my Instagram page.
Very fair comments. Always helps to get honest feedback!

Pat Black's picture

so after seeing the results of this, I feel better about my own work, the photos that i submitted that I was proud of both got a 2.1 and a 2.7 review but looking at these images which have a ton of amazing captures in them it seems that everyone seems to just be a hater since no images were even a 4 star.

David Kelly's picture

Thumbs up who thinks there’s too much emphasis on “post processing”. Sheesh.

Lee Morris's picture

Here's the thing; most people who view your work don't know if something is retouched or not, they only care about the finished product. So do we. If you can get it perfect in camera, great! But if you can make it better with Photoshop, you should do that so that you can sell more of your work and make more money. At least that is my viewpoint when I am critiquing these shots.

David Kelly's picture

Models retouched with Photoshop are now banned by Getty and must be labeled according to new laws in France and Israel. AP news and sports photography images can’t be altered also in many cases. Just wondering if there’s going to be a general trend towards capturing what the “eye can see”.

Lee Morris's picture

It makes sense for news. I don't really get the model thing because you could just hire a more beautiful girl or put more makeup on her face and get a similar result. In my opinion, anything goes with advertising photography.

Patrick Coerse's picture

Hi guys, that bee image is mine. I know it's not the greatest but send this one cause of the difficulty. In my defence the background isn't blurred out cause I can't affect the settings like I can with a DSLR. Sure I can increase the distance between the subject and the background, but it's not like I could tell the bee's to move further away, haha :-P And more depth of field on a Phone to show the whiskers etc is not possible cause you can't (again) adjust the fstop. It was shot with an iPhone 6S in combination with an Olloclip 7x macro lens. It took a lot of studying the bee's and then follow them in flight. I kept my finger on the 'shutterbutton' to shoot in burstmode while I followed the bee. This was the best I got out of it. Glad you guys agreed on the difficulty :-)

Lee Morris's picture

No doubt it's difficult to get with a phone... It's hard with any camera to capture that. But, don't let yourself get wrapped up in the difficulty and lose sight of the finished image.

Markus Lang's picture

Thank you for the rating Lee and Patrick! To give some background information about the shot, this is an installation by Olafur Eliasson called „Gravity Stairs“ (Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul). It is supposed to represent the solar system with the yellow :-) sun in the middle and the planets as black circles surrounding it.

Axel Cortez's picture

I tried black and white and I think it loses the appeal, for drama well tried some sharks, but looked a tad photoshopped, jokes aside don't know how to make it more dramatic colder maybe?

Hans Georg Schroeder's picture

One which basis did you pick the ones to Review in the video? Because you've chosen some low rated and rated it low yourself, but also picked the best rated ones...

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