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Submit Your Best Images of Fog/Smoke
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Moody or cheesy, we want to see your best images with fog/smoke.

The influx of affordable smoke bombs and fog machines has meant that the prop has become a cliche to many, but like anything, if used correctly, it can create an amazing mood. 

We want to see your best images with fog,steam or smoke. We will even accept natural fog or hazy images as well. 

Each photographer is allowed up to three submissions. Please remember to write a paragraph about your image in the description and let us know how it was taken. Images without a description will be disqualified. 

Featured image by Luigi Sonnifero

  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 06 Jun 20 17:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 224 people have cast a total of 14,017 votes on 386 submissions from 209 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Cant wait to see the entries on this one, love misty photos.

I'm only commenting so I get notified about other people's comments.

You could also just turn on the notifications. To the left there's the Notifications bell.

Oh! That is a handy feature. Probably that's why it's there :).

So many beautiful shots already!

Oh I like this contest so far. It's been/going to be a delight going through these photographs

Just entered my first Fstoppers image contest with 3 images... fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!

Yes man! There are so many great submissions already!

Absolutely stunning photos in this contest.

This contest is going to be hard to rate. So many great images

Suggestion for improving voting - remove 1 star from the system - only 2,3,4 and 5 star votes. If it is a snap shot type image then it gets no votes, and it should help solve the issue of people just voting 1 to bring down images.... just my thoughts on balancing things out.

Unfortunately this subject has been done to death now and i dont think fstoppers are going to change it, you are correct in what you say but i just wouldnt bother trying to ignite it again.

Good one, but the only way it can stop is if they only give random prize, they would still show the highest rated photo as the highest but only give random prizes! Problem solved.

Nobody is winning these contests by giving other images 1 star. The frustration is coming from the delusional photographers who think if people voted "properly" their poor photography would make the youtube review.

This would be the first time I've put any image on fStoppers. I browse the various galleries fairly regularly and, I have to tell you, the quality of the images there is rather intimidating. So, this is not a showcase I entered blindly.

While I appreciate everyone that took the time to view and rate my images, I am somewhat disappointed to receive no guidance whatsoever from anyone awarding these pictures a Two-Star 'Needs Work' rating. Considering the averages there must have been quite a few One-Star ratings too. Although this stings, and offers no encouragement or advice, I will be more careful about sharing potential One-Star images for any reason in the future.

Thank you very much again for your time and consideration.

There are just a bit too many images to be able to leave a meaningful comment on each. I spent an hour rating images. This would have gone up to 3 hours if I also commented.

Well but everyone who took the time to upload an image should have the time to leave a comment on at least on or two pictures really...

That could be a good rule, for every image posted, leave a critique/comment on the following three images to the right of yours.

While I do not disagree, how about commenting on only those you give a two-star 'needs work' rating? Think of it as, 'what good is the rating without saying what it needs?'. Otherwise, it is a little like you're just hiding behind the anonymity of the ratings process to troll other's work.

Sure, nobody's work is ever going to improve without honest criticism. If an image only deserves a one- or two-star rating then that is what you give it. The 'why' is what makes it both constructive and instructive.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I’ll have a look

---"Suggestion for improving voting - remove 1 star from the system"

Even if the 1 star were removed, when people gets 2 stars, they will complain about that too...I guarantee it. "What do you mean it needs work! What gives you the right! How dare you!" So, remove 2 stars next?

If submitters would quit checking up on their image stats every 5 mins, there probably would not be so much anxiety about their ratings. Submit your photo(s) and let the chips fall where they may.

Example from one of the previous contests, someone was complaining and convinced one of their photos they recently submitted were being hammered with 1 stars. Fstoppers staff took a peek and found only 2 people voted 1 star out of approx dozen votes at the time. At the end of the contest, the photo averaged almost 3 stars.

It's a bit sad that people don't comment on what they like or dislike in a picture, the numbers are a better indicator than nothing but sometimes they are so counter intuitive to me.

If I want to rethink my photography all I have to do is enter a photo in one of these contests and look at my ratings. 😂

I like the composition and tones in the photos you submitted. They just need a subject.

What subject would you have looked for?

Depends on why you're taking the photograph I guess. What mood you're going for etc. You've got a good location, think of a concept and take someone/something with you next time. or wait for wildlife.... could take a while.
That would take it to the next level in my opinion.

I got an Idea on how to fix the no comment issue. For each contest you award someone with the best and most help full comments a free tutorial as well. From that moment on the comment section under every photo will be flooded for sure =D
I just feel like this could be a really nice community with talented people helping each other but instead it is just a dessert of interest for the pictures of others...

This is genuinely the only good idea that has ever been posted in these sections. I agree.

I do like the idea of promoting (Helpful) comments.

But on one or two of the last (live) critiques, they barely even bothered to look up the ratings on the images that were part of the live episode. So I doubt they’ll consider comments without a little more effort from their side. (Sorry guys, calling you out a little)

But it would be nice to involve comments on the selected images of a critique, to involve the community more.
Perhaps that would be enough motivation already to promote (meaningful) comments in that way, to have them matter with a chance of being featured.

Maybe change the prizes, give one for for the best and one for worst picture, well than people will volte all 3 stars hahahahah

you know what? Don't change anything let the votes reflect our society.

it is funny how people that have no portfolio and don't have anything well crafted to show for as photographers, are the ones that make offensive comments.

I understand what you say, I did the same thing once, now I have decided that I don't respond to those trolls anymore, if you ignore them they go away, It is ok when people disagree with us but do it in a polite manner than it is worth having a conversation.

---"there should be a minimum of 3 or 5 photos that they have uploaded before they can participate in the contest, or even vote."

That's not going to stop anything. What's to keep them from uploading any photos? Upload 3 photos of paper clips, bam, they're in.

Too bad i wasn't able to join this one! i think i had a few shots that wouldve been great for the theme. Ill post it up on my own profile if ever!


Not to be an ass, but.... fog is not smoke. They are different things

Just under the name of the contest: "Submit Your Best Images of Fog/Smoke". I think that's the reason so many fog shots.

Are there going to be any winners for this contest?

They announce the winners when they release the critique video, that usually takes a few weeks.

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