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Congratulations to Narek Zohrabyan and Bela Acs for winning this week's Critique the Community. Each of you should email Lee Morris through the Fstoppers website and pick out one free tutorial in the Fstoppers.com/store

If you want to submit your own images to our Critique the Community, make sure you head over to Fstoppers.com/contests to see the newest theme. Next week's theme is going to be your interpretation of "Travel." 

  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 14 Mar 20 02:00:00 +0000

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And this is where I leave Fstoppers. The fact that you guys dogged my mother in law, insulted her in such a way. I regret spending money here.

Dudes, why the sloppy critique? I can laugh at your accidentally picking the same photographer twice... I can roll my eyes at the fact you chose a photo to critique that was obviously not a Senior... but I do not want to hear political topics mixed into a critique. We hear enough every day, please leave FS as a sanctuary from the insanity. I'm fine with anyone spouting their opinion, I will skip it if it's properly labeled, but mixing it into critiques was foul play. Hoping this was just a one-off bad episode because these are usually my favorite content on FS.

Yeah... I love you guys. I learn a lot from you. I will continue to learn from you, but please please please leave the politics out. I study photography as a way to escape the craziness of the world. Hope you are all staying safe and I can't wait for the next critique. Hopefully politics free.
Oh yeah- two other things
1: Leave your money in the market.
2. Trump2020.

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