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Only one alcoholic beverage shot, that I saw. You don't think that instead of photographing the drinks, they were....

First of all thanks for selecting my image and rating it higher than the community did lol. (Mine was the boudoir image of the 2 girls).

So, to address some of your thoughts/questions you raised while talking about my image.

A lot of people find it strange or even a bit taboo. However, as a boudoir photographer I can assure that most of my clients (and most of the clients of my fellow boudoir photographers) do not do it for their spouses/bfs to see. It is more about seeing themselves in a different way, in a way in which other people might see them, but not necessarily themselves (a lot of them do not think they are 'worthy' enough or beautiful enough). This genre, if done properly, boosts their confidence in such a way!

I did weddings a long time ago, and I've gotten more tears of joy from boudoir clients than from brides. They look at themselves and can't believe they are them!

Being a male boudoir photographer is harder than being a female one. However, I've never had any issues whatsoever. There are always creeps who do it for the wrong reasons, sure. But the vast majority are really professional guys.

Another thing is that a lot of people tend to confuse boudoir with erotica. There might be a 'fine line'. But boudoir is not about sexuality, but rather sensuality, which is not the same.

Now, this is a complicated genre because not only you need to be good at photography, but also have the correct soft skills. It is much harder to make someone feel at ease while wearing underwear or nothing at all.

From a business standpoint, apart from commercial, I can say it is probably the most lucrative genre in photography.

Thanks again! :)

Lee Morris
Patrick Hall

thx - for Picking up my picture. Zipline still there, and yes it is the really sky. Had a similar feeling that the sky could have been better but i thing we shouldnt replace every sky

" Our community are A__holes" I deserve a free tutorial for enduring such brutality !!! lol

lol... I am not internet famous but my face can be seen in a meme. I am in the WalMart national choir.

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