The Best Desk Toys You Can Buy

We're always looking to bring our lives a little more joy and since most of us are chained to our desks throughout the day, I've decided to review the t13 highest-rated desk toys on Amazon. 

1. Papuka Cube

This $20 spinning cube with gears is satisfyingly heavy and spins incredibly smoothly.

2. Apqdw Spinner

Although I recommend spending a little more and getting a heavier version, this $10 spinning toy is quite possibly the greatest desk toy of all time. 

3. T-Conceal EDC Fidget Slider

Although it has a satisfying magnetic click, this toy is so loud, I can't recommend it. 

4. Speks Magnetic Balls

These magnetic balls may be the strongest magnetic toy I've ever used. Although my son absolutely loves it, it's too loud for your average office environment. 

5. Fitifun Moving Sand Art

For $20, this sand art is a no-brainer.

6. novium Hoverpen

Although the pen itself isn't the highest quality, the float/spinning property of the magnetic base is impressive. 

7. VGAzer Levitating Moon

This levitating moon lamp is impressive, but due to its poor build quality and need for constant power, I can't recommend it. 

8. Joeyank Fidget Cube

This never-ending rotating toy is interesting, but you will probably lose interest quickly.

9. ONO Roller

You have to feel it to fully appreciate it. It's impressive, but also expensive. 

10: YayaCat Moving Sand Art

If you're looking to spend a little more, this sand art is significantly higher quality than the previous version.

11. Mova Globe

At $200, this globe is extremely expensive, but it's also the most impressive product in this list. It's 100% solar-powered and will slowly spin on its own without any additional power source. 

12. Schulte Metal Spinning Top

Certainly, the nicest top set I've ever used. At $150, it's not for everyone, but if you like tops, this set is amazing. 

13: Red Stapler

The most famous desk toy of all time: the Red Stapler. Need I say more? 

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