Get The $400 Canon Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

Get The $400 Canon Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

We currently own 4 Canon Photo printers and they are the best printers I've personally ever owned. They never clog and they simply work every single time. Right now you can get a brand new Canon Pro-100 photo printer for just $50 from B&H with a little trickery. Let me show you how. 

1. First of all, to make this deal work you have to have a B&H account. Go ahead and sign up first if you don't have one. 

2. Add the Pro-100 to your cart

3. Click "View Cart"

4. Inside your cart in the bottom left, enter the promo code PSWBH15

5. This promo code will remove $100 from the price and add 50 sheets of 13x19 paper for free. 

6. Fill out this rebate to receive $250 back (for the printer and paper combo). We have done this before and they were extremely fast.

7. Keep it or sell it for profit ;)

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It seems to be a $250 American Express® Reward Card.

Also jumped on this deal. Checked my local Craigslist to see what they are going for and looks like slickdeals had a combo sale on the 7D and this printer and everybody is dumping this printer for $150 - $200.

I know this question is not related other than it is about a cannon printer.Does anyone know when the pixma pro 1 will be updated?

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Just ordered one! Cant wait for it to get here.

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Wished I had that code Sunday when I ordered mine from B&H

Not sure if anyone else has posted this yet but the code also works on the Pro-1 for $200 off + $250 MIR

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I can't seem to find anywhere to input the promo code.
Do you think they have ended the promotion?

I think they closed it down because it wasn't intended for the general public.

When I went to the site and checked out there was no location to enter the promo code so perhaps the rebate code has timed out, not sure what to make of it. I chatted with the sales rep via messaging and he sent me to the same site with the same result.

Just wanted to say "THANKS" to Lee for posting this offer. Received mine yesterday - UPS driver needed a 2 wheeler to bring the 73 pound delivery box to my front door - I hadn't realized just how substantial an item this printer is. Unloaded the printer today and produced my first print - thoroughly satisfied with the results! I did notice that all the ink cartridges were labelled 'Setup" and did not appear to be fully loaded, but not a real big deal.

Again, THANKS, Lee!

73lbs! wow that thing is a monster. Enjoy it.

Ooops - 73 was a typo UPS label read 63lbs...

Sad i missed out on this deal. I made my cart and entered the promo code for checkout days ago. My money cleared into my bank today so i was able to go through with the purchase and the promo code had disappeared and was regular price again. Guess the code expired before my money cleared. :(

While it appears the promo code for $100 off is no longer valid, you can still get $250 back via the rebate form. That rebate is valid through Aug 29. Brings the cost down to $150, which is still a great deal.

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Thanks for the awesome deal! I got mine a few days ago, and just today set it up. It prints great! So happy I can make my own prints again! I had used Epsons in the past, but gave up after two (quite expensive ones for me) conked out over the years with clogging problems. I had resigned myself to just getting good prints made from a lab if I needed them and using my cheap office-type Canon printer for snapshots and stuff.