Get Perfect Product Shots With An $8 IKEA Table

Caleb Pike is back with another DIY video, this time creating a super cheap product photography setup. It's clever, well thought out, and the results are amazing considering the price tag!

We all know that product photography is a tricky and involves an expert knowledge of lighting. However since the lighting is on such a small scale, the genre leaves itself open to experimenting

The IKEA table is used as the frame for his lighting setup, and if you can survive the eight hour trip through IKEA, you could save a few bucks on your next shoot. Using a set of small LED light panels, some foam boards, and tape, Caleb is able to rig together a decent booth.

Where to Buy Everything:

While it might be a novelty compared to fuller and faster setups, this DIY project could be perfect for the photographer who only needs to shoot a product once. I could imagine a situation in which creating a more permanent rig or buying in a booth would be overkill.

What do you think? Is it too fragile? Or is Caleb onto something by using the table? 

[Via DSLRVideoShooter]

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Brad Gibbons's picture

I think the photos turn out great using this technique, I'm just a little upset that an $8 table as advertised in the headline of this post turns out to be $100 worth of "other" equipment you need to pick up. Ya know?

Tim Lair's picture

I thought the same thing, but did a little research. You can easily go to your local hobby store and pick up the same dimensions for the same materials for 1/4 of the price. I also already own an LED light so that cuts costs for me too. I'd say a good majority of photographers own an LED light of some sort.

James Bowyer's picture

You don't have to pick up $100 worth of 'other' equipment to use with this $8 IKEA table- it would be like saying 'Great, this 'hack' doesn't include $1000 for a DSLR and lens! So not $8 then is it!'

Shintaro Maeda's picture

I use the $8 Ikea table too!

John Skinner's picture

You can buy a 24x24 light tent off eBay for 12 bucks... Talk about the long road.