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Hands On: Insta360’s Ace Pro

Insta360 has gone traditional. The Ace Pro is a feature-packed action camera that doesn’t rock the boat.

What’s the Point of Canon’s New Cinema Lenses?

With seven new lenses hitting the market, Canon is updating their CN cinema glass to RF mount. They’re almost identical to the original EF mount lenses that debuted in 2011.

Check Out These AI-Generated Studio Sets

Since Adobe’s Photoshop beta, more artists have been introduced to frame expansion. Interestingly, this workflow also benefits video shoots.

Creating a Virtual Studio With 3 TVs

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get a virtual wall these days. Bring your studio to life with just three televisions.

Comparing High-end Video Monitors

Samuel Bilodeau compares some of the best monitors on the market to see how they stack up. Are the prices worth it?

Wishlist: Canon’s Next Cinema Camera

Canon’s cinema line of cameras ushered forward the post-DSLR years for video users, and now, they could be set to do the same with mirrorless designs.