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How to Make an Overhead Camera Rig

Overhead recipe videos are so hot right now, but shooting them can be challenging. This setup is perfect for shooting products, food, or even an unboxing (they're still a thing, right?).

Five Ways to Get Re-Hired

In some ways, working with clients is a lot like the dating scene. So how do we get that second date? Wouldn't life be easier if you didn't have to look for new clients all the time? What if you could retain the best clients you've worked with before? Maximize your resources, get better recommendations, and make freelancing far more relaxing. Maybe we're all guilty of annoying a client or two, but if you find you're not being approached by anybody for that second date, then maybe it's more than your bad breath. Here are five great ways to go about it.


Edelkrone is the king of reinvention, from the Pocket Slider to their tabletop dolly. Sometimes, they’re also very good at charging top dollar for useless rubbish.


If you're like me and you've already purchased a Ronin-M gimbal, hearing news of its replacement is terrible news. Luckily, the new Ronin-MX brings new features to the table, and it's a whole new beast.