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Adam Savage Removes Lens Filter with Band Saw

We’ve all been there having a filter stuck tightly on the lens, or it’s been damaged and won’t come off cleanly. There are plenty of tools and tricks to help unscrew the filter, but a band saw has to be the most dangerous way of going about it.

Blackmagic Adds Wireless Control, Is It Any Good?

Blackmagic Design have brought new functionality to the URSA Mini Pro, their flagship camera. Keeping up with the times, users will now be able to download an app in order to control the camera. The best part? They’re letting the public create their own custom versions.

OnePlus Aims to Beat Apple's Cameras

Deep in the heart of Shenzhen, China, OnePlus is burrowed inside the teeming tech hub. With the smartphone race being dominated by major manufacturers, it’s difficult to see OnePlus competing. They’re hoping that hard work and keeping their pulse on the upcoming available technology, that they can take on the best.

World First: The Tintype Drone

There’s no doubt that flying a camera hundreds of feet above your head is pushing the boundaries of modern photography, but why stop there? Why not take some old school technology into the skies?

Debunked: Viral Tape Measure VFX

Captain Disillusion is back again, and this time he's uncovering the various techniques used to create the famous “Tape Measure Tricks” video. How much of it is visual effects?

Photo Opportunity of the Week: Manhattanhenge

Manhattanhenge, the name given to a Stonehenge-style phenomenon that occurs twice a year in New York City, is happening this week. Want to check it out? Here’s how.

Were the Sony a9 Rumors True?

Before Sony announced their new a9 mirrorless camera in April, rumors were flooding the headlines about its possible existence. Now that we know what the a9 really is, did the reports hold up?

Packing Camera Gear: A Trip Across Vietnam

There’s plenty of great advice for packing camera equipment on a trip. However it's not often that the trip involves motorcycling for two weeks and packing this much gear.

Has DJI Beaten GoPro?

Remember when GoPro was the innovative camera company? The fight was taken to the skies, and as we look back, it’s clear that DJI took over.

Want to Edit Video? Check out Avid's New Free Software

Avid’s Media Composer is, despite all odds, the industry standard for video editing. So if it’s good enough for Star Wars, it’s good enough for you. Luckily, users will now be able to get a dumbed down version for free this year.

Why Are So Many Old Films Missing?

Andrew Saladino, from The Royal Ocean Film Society, makes a serious point in his telling video essay. How were so many films lost, and who are the people working to bring movies back to life?

Watch BBC Explain CGI in 1982

How far had computer graphics come in the early eighties? "Tomorrow's World," an old show on BBC, shows us just how far the tech had come – and how far it was going to go.

Fstoppers Reviews the URSA Mini Pro

I really believe that the URSA Mini Pro is the best camera that Blackmagic Design have ever released. That doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect camera for everybody, but it’s reaching out to a much wider audience than its predecessors.

Review: $350 Leica Copy

What could possibly go wrong with a $350 camera that claims to do it all? Kaiman Wong takes it out for a spin and shows us just how much compromise must be made to get that price down.

Target Practice: 600mm Lens vs Shotgun

Kaiman Wong is back at it, showing that a Nikkor 600mm lens can shoot clay pigeons too – just not in the destructive sense. Who will win?

Are Gimbals Destroying the Cheap Steadicam?

B&H recently ran a deal on a product I had my eyes on a couple years back: the Steadicam Solo Stabilizer and Monopod for getting smooth shots. It was originally $500, but you can pick it up now for as low as $150. Where did it all go wrong?

The Biggest Problems in the VFX Industry

On Sunday night, "The Jungle Book" took home the Oscar for best visual effects. It shines a spotlight on how a story can rely so heavily on VFX, but how the industry continues to sideline the people behind it. A newly released short documentary is showing us just how digital art is a race to the bottom.

Great VFX: How You'll Never Notice It

We all know that visual effects have come a long way in recent years, but it’s always worth remembering that the best of the lot are the kind you don’t notice. This video – a wonderful tribute to VFX – is a smart way of showing off exactly what can be done.