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What Interior Designers Could Learn From Photographers

Photographers could talk about soft light and color temperatures all day long, but what could we bring to interior design? Could photographers do a better job than an interior designer?

What Current Tech Will Make Lenses Better?

Danielle King walks through the advances that we’ve seen from major lens manufacturers in recent years, and peers into what we’ll want the most from the future.

How to Shoot in Antarctica

Not many of us can say that we’ve shot on every single continent, but Kenneth Browne is here to tell us how he dealt with one of the toughest shooting locations on earth.

iMac Pro: Is It Easy to Upgrade?

As Apple speeds ahead to make computers slimmer, you might wonder if there’s any point in slimming down a desktop machine. Does the new iMac Pro live up to the name, and allow for upgrades in the future?

The Best Reason to Buy the Panasonic GH5S Camera

There’s been a lot of disappointment surrounding Panasonic’s announcement of the GH5S. Some see the loss of built-in-stabilization to be too great. Caleb Pike explains why Panasonic made this camera and who it’s actually designed for.

Nokia Lumia 1020: Does It Hold Up Four Years Later?

When Nokia released the Lumia 1020 it touted the largest smartphone sensor available. Nokia was trying to win hearts and minds with their stellar cameras. In the end, the Lumia line failed, but how does the camera stack up four years on?

$350 Discount on Westcott Skylux LED Light

Westcott’s Skylux LED light brings powerful light into a studio without generating heat, and right now it’s nearly half price right now on B&H.

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Only $129

DJI have just released an update to the mobile version of their stellar Osmo system. The updates are pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the new price.

Apple Releases Major Final Cut Pro X Update

With Apple’s iMac Pro shipping this week, it’s only right that their video editing suite gets a much anticipated update today. Final Cut Pro X is growing up, and it’s ready for the future.

The Most Popular Equipment of 2017

We all know what our favorite cameras are, but which brands have the numbers to back them up? We spoke to LensRentals, B&H, and 500px about what they saw over the year.

LensRentals and LensProToGo Become One

Two rental giants are teaming up to create the strongest rental company in the United States. Together, they’ll be able to reach 300,000 customers. So what’s going to change?

New HDMI 2.1 Will Allow for 10K Video

While cameras haven’t yet caught up the standard, the HDMI forum has no problem pushing the envelope out and looking far off into the future.

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Video Camera?

There’s nothing quite so frustrating to anyone in the business, as having your camera become outdated in less than a year. When I look at the current line up of camcorders, I’m beginning to think that they’re about to be replaced by the cameras that should have been released in the first place. The camcorder market is falling behind.

How Cole Rise Re-Created NASA's First Hasselblad in Space

In the fall of 1962, the fifth American astronaut brought an iconic camera with him. It was custom built for the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, and would ensure that Hasselblad was marked in history as the camera that photographed earth. Fifty-five years later, we may never see a camera quite like it. Famed Photographer Cole Rise has spent the last two years embarking on fixing that.