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Irish Photographer Debuts a Grittier London in New Exhibition

Gregory Nolan doesn’t just have old photos, he’s got an extensive look into the abrasive music scene of London’s 00s. He’s recently dusted off the old hard drives and brought the best of 100,000 photos to the public.

Creative Workhorse: HP Announces ZBook x2

HP has spent the past two years working with creatives and developing the latest ZBook x2. It’s got seriously impressive guts under the hood and works as a laptop or tablet, but is it enough for a demanding Lightroom or video editing workflow?

Fstoppers Reviews the Atomos Sumo: Why Do You Need This?

There aren’t many monitors that can record footage onto an SSD. There aren’t many monitors that can work on set as well as in post production. There is one monitor that claims to do it all though. The Atomos Sumo is not just jam-packed with features, but I think it represents the future of video production. Does it live up to the hype?

The Google Pixel 2 Won't Get Unlimited Storage Forever

This week an eagle-eyed Reddit user discovered that Google has set a date in which it won't offer unlimited, lossless storage for Pixel 2 users. Just how much can we expect from them, and what's fair?

Which Apple Devices Will Be Able to Play HEVC Videos?

Apple have enabled the playback of HEVC videos and HEIF images on MacOS High Sierra and iOS 11. Unfortunately not every device is able to support it, and others have limited support. Which ones made the cut?

Fstoppers Reviews Apple's New Photos App for MacOS

Apple’s Photos app on MacOS has been through many changes. We’ve come quite far since its predecessor, iPhoto. This time around, Apple has its sights set on bridging the gap between a consumer app and something more professional. Where does it fit in, and is it worth using?

The Future of VR Won't Happen Until This Tech Becomes a Reality

The International Broadcasting Convention has just ended, but before wrapping up, there were some serious insights to the future of VR technology. Now, we may be seeing virtual reality being broadcast live in lieu of a regular TV event.

KFC Is Using Facial Scanning for Payments

Much like we didn’t trust thumbprint scanners on phones when they were first announced, using a camera for facial recognition seems precarious in the wake of becoming mainstream. That hasn’t stopped KFC from adopting the tech in China though, proving that we could see this everywhere in the next couple of years.

Fstoppers Reviews the Portabrace BK-1HDV Backpack, Currently $99 From B&H

After enough time in the broadcast industry, it's hard not to have a soft spot for Portabrace. They are incredibly well made. However, outside of generic television and news gathering, I would say that Think Tank, Lowepro, and Pelican are the top dogs. I never found a Portabrace bag suiting my needs entirely, nevermind that they can cost a small fortune — until now. I managed to pick up an amazing backpack for just $99 after instant savings from B&H.

How Berkowski Got the First Solar Eclipse Shot

Just after lunchtime on July 28th, 1851, Julius Berkowski took the first accurate image of a total solar eclipse. As we prepare to shoot the eclipse on Monday, let's take a look at history behind this unique astrophotography.

A Tough Job: What It's Like to Film Somebody Else's Vlog for Them

Adam Hamwey has all the skills a videographer ought to living and working in New York City. However he doesn’t work for a production house, or in a marketing department — he follows somebody around all day and vlogs for them. That’s right, he’s the personal camera crew for one John Henry, a young entrepreneur based out of NYC.

How to Shoot a Rocket Launch

It’s not rocket science, but there’s certainly a whole bunch of trial and error involved with shooting something as bright and spectacular as a launch. I spoke with John Kraus, a young photographer doing just that, to guide us through the process and obstacles that are involved.

High Schooler Buys $20,000 RED Scarlet-W

I don’t know about you, but I'm not personally acquainted with anybody who could afford, or even want, to buy a RED Scarlet before their twenties. That’s a serious commitment to your career, and it’s exactly what Kansas teenager Thad Swift did.

Why Buy RED's Smartphone?

RED is entering a nearly impossible market, and promises to deliver a smartphone like no other – armed only with their reputation. What exactly stands in their way, and can the RED Hydrogen compete? Here’s everything you need to know about their chances.

Modernize Your Softbox with LED Bulbs

There’s no denying that LED panels are a stellar option for lighting your scene. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice some of the portability benefits, then you might be better off keeping your softboxes around and getting the best of both worlds. Caleb Pike shows us exactly what kinds of bulbs we can use with our existing softboxes for an affordable entry into high-quality LED lighting.

Adam Savage Removes Lens Filter with Band Saw

We’ve all been there having a filter stuck tightly on the lens, or it’s been damaged and won’t come off cleanly. There are plenty of tools and tricks to help unscrew the filter, but a band saw has to be the most dangerous way of going about it.