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Why IS Lock on the Panasonic GH5 Is so Important

If you don’t quite understand what’s going on under the hood of your Panasonic GH5, then you may miss out on the best situational uses of the built-in image stabilization.

Insta360 Gets Fully Integrated With Premiere Pro

Less than a month after Insta360 announced their last partnership, an extremely important deal will allow for virtual reality video in an easy and time-conscious workflow.

Gadget Myths: Can You Prevent Eye Strain?

We all know the tricks of the trade, but what actual evidence do we have to prove certain methods or gadgets are up to scratch when it comes to preventing eye strain?

Intellytech Announce New Foldable LED Panels

It’s no secret that flexible and foldable LED panels are a trend right now. Intellytech has stepped up their game by expanding their offerings, to something much bigger than we’re used to.

Using Apple’s Airpods on Set

You might think it’s rude, but there’s a time and a place that having a pair of buds in your ear can help you get the shot.

What Interior Designers Could Learn From Photographers

Photographers could talk about soft light and color temperatures all day long, but what could we bring to interior design? Could photographers do a better job than an interior designer?

What Current Tech Will Make Lenses Better?

Danielle King walks through the advances that we’ve seen from major lens manufacturers in recent years, and peers into what we’ll want the most from the future.

How to Shoot in Antarctica

Not many of us can say that we’ve shot on every single continent, but Kenneth Browne is here to tell us how he dealt with one of the toughest shooting locations on earth.