Intellytech Announce New Foldable LED Panels

Intellytech Announce New Foldable LED Panels

It’s no secret that flexible and foldable LED panels are a trend right now. Intellytech has stepped up their game by expanding their offerings, to something much bigger than we’re used to.

Firstly, they’ve announced the LC-120. It’s very similar to the FL-80 that I talked about before, but this time it’s even longer. The 1x3’ bi-color panel still folds up into a 1x1’ square for easy transportation, and includes a new ballast that integrates the light controls with the V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. The range of white balance is between 3,000k and 10,000k, the same as it’s bigger brother the LC-160.

The new controller/ballast is half the size of the LC-160, about the same size as a larger V-Mount battery.

The mounting system for this light is different to a regular x-style that we’ve seen on previous versions. This is a “directional bracket” which will allow for the light to mounted fully open, or slightly closed. This effectively gives you barn doors. If you choose to have the light open and flat, then you can mount an included softbox and grid. The kit will all fit inside a hard case.

What I’m finding more interesting though, is a special kit that Intellytech announced. The new kit mounts two separate 2x2’ LC-160 LiteCloth panels, to create one giant 2x4’ panel. Again, the entire setup folds down to a 1x1’ square. You can expect that square to be about an inch thick.The price for the 1x3’ LC-120 panel is $899, and $1,699 for a two light kit. The optional 2x4’ bracket is expected to retail for about $99-129. It’s an optional add-on for the LC-160 two light kit which comes in at $1,899.

This coming Fall, Intellytech will also be releasing full RGBW versions of the LC-120 and LC160 lights. We can also expect new, non-foldable, bi-color 100w and 160w LED panels, as well as fresnels that will be twice as bright as Intellytech’s current lineup. Exciting times for the company, who are up against Falconeyes, Westcott, and everybody in between. For more on their upcoming fall products, check out their blog.

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