Gadget Myths: Can You Prevent Eye Strain?

We all know the tricks of the trade, but what actual evidence do we have to prove certain methods or gadgets are up to scratch when it comes to preventing eye strain?

A few months ago I wrote about my favorite eye-strain tips that I’ve gathered over the years and about how I was concerned about permanent damage to my eyes. Well, apparently my concern might not have been completely warranted. According to Dr. Rebecca J. Taylor, the jury’s out on whether or not excessive screen time causes long term eye damage. However, we’re still at risk of the short-term effects.

I won’t go over every point in the video, but there is one method that I feel could use some further debunking. Remember those glasses that cut out blue light to supposedly ease eye strain? The medical field says otherwise, pointing to a lack of evidence. However, the co-founder of Felix Gray (which includes this optional coating on their glasses) told The Verge that there is a possibility it could help, and they’re working on getting evidence. Surely, if the evidence was there, Felix Gray would be touting the amazing figures on all of its marketing material instead of trying to get one study to look better.

My tried and true methods — that most of us would be aware of — are generally covered in Vox’s video. I’ve never tried eye drops, though, so I’ll have to keep that in mind. Check it out and see if you learn anything. And afterward, promptly look away from the screen for half of a minute.

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