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Three Cheap Gift Ideas

The holidays are over, you’ve spent all your money. How can you save money on a birthday or Valentine’s gift?

Hands On: Insta360’s Clever New Modular Camera

Insta360’s ONE X has been a huge success for them; however, in the wake of the GoPro Hero 8, it’s about time they meet new demands. The GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro MAX 360 cameras are the flagships to beat: Insta360 is trying to take on both at once, for the same price as one.

Cramming a Large Keylight Into a Backpack

Recently Caleb Pike demonstrated an old trick with new tech, and it’s eye opening how much lighting one can cram into a tiny space these days.

My Favorite Secondhand Marketplace

If you haven’t wrapped up your holiday shopping yet, consider buying secondhand in exchange for a great deal.