Insta360's Titan Starts Shipping

From today, you can pick up the latest and greatest all-in-one 360 camera on the market.

A while back, Insta360 announced the Titan. A huge step up from their regular Pro line, touting micro four thirds sensors. I was really looking forward to seeing what it could output. I mean it's basically a stabilized, 360, GH5.

Want to see the footage? You can stream it here, and for full quality playback, you can use Insta360's app here. I recently saw the Insta360 Pro II's footage through a VR headset and it was a huge bump in quality. You really notice the extra resolution — so this spec bump is bound to look incredible through a

It's not going to be cheap, coming in at $14,999. For me, it's a rental. I'm actually excited to get regular old, non-360 footage, out of it. I could see a situation in which I hand a couple of these to a client (say, backstage at Fashion Week) and then I can pull 16x9, and 9x16 footage from it with ease. If the app is as smooth as usual, this would be a pretty reliable way to get non-intrusive footage in a crowded space.

The Titan is available on B&H today, and works with the usual assortment not Insta360 software packages/accessories. So playback, editing, and compositing, should be a cinch.