Insta360 Announces Titan Camera

Their professional lineup comes with all sorts of new specs.

The new camera sports eight Micro-Four-Thirds sensors, outputting 11K footage. which is sure to look incredible. This would be the largest sensors in any single 360 camera available. It’s undoubtedly going to blow the competition out of the water when it comes to working with low light.

The camera will be capable of recording 11K at 30 fps. Unfortunately, that’s not in 3D, where you’ll have to step down to 10K (woe is me). For slow motion content, you can record 8K at 60 fps, and 5.3K allows for 120 fps. Pretty stellar specs, and that’s before you consider that it’s able to record 10-bit color too.

Many of the the Insta360 Pro II’s feature set has been carried over to the Titan. “Flowstate” is my favorite, which stabilizes the camera. You won’t know you need it until it’s gone. Then, their “Farsight” wireless video monitoring system is built into the Titan. Finally, you’ll be able to make use of Insta360’s groundbreaking playback system, CrystalView. This has previously allowed a smartphone to playback 8K 360 footage without a hitch, and I’m sure it will make working with 11K content much easier.

I see this as a rental device for most users, and I’m excited to see what’s created with it. News organizations are going to love the resolution, ease of use, and (hopefully) decent low light performance. It’s a no-brainer really if the Pro II isn’t enough for you.

The Titan will go on sale for $14,999. You can check it out at CES this week, and reserve yours here (with a fully refundable deposit, which is a nice touch).

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