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Do Your Lenses Need MTF Testing?

LensRentals needs to trust that their customers don’t mess up a lens. How can they know for sure?

Hands On: Google Pixel 3

I’m here at Google’s launch event for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in New York. Have they got a world-leading smartphone camera again?

Matt Lever: What You’ll Need to Give up to Shoot Fashion Week

I caught up with Matt Lever, one of the top photographer’s you’d expect to see backstage at Fashion Week. He explained how he’s shooting for Elle Magazine, and the hoops you’ll need to jump through to break onto the scene.

How Sony Created the Camcorder, But Failed

The camcorder as we know it was originally made up of two separate pieces. Sony would be the ones to bring the pair together, but it never caught on.

Reviewed: Parrot Anafi Drone

Vjeran Pavic from The Verge isn’t entirely happy with what they’ve delivered. Can it compete?