Who Shot the Most Liked Photo on Instagram?

Who Shot the Most Liked Photo on Instagram?

Ousting Kylie Jenner, an egg has been crowned the most popular photo on Instagram ever.

It’s currently sitting with a comfortable ten million lead on Kylie’s photo (which was of her with her baby, Stormi). As I'm writing this, it's climbing at a rate of around 8,000 likes a minute. The bid for the winning spot started ten days ago and really ramped up at the last minute.

Right after the record was broken, Kylie Jenner posted a reaction video of sorts on her Instagram page. Perhaps this has perpetuated her fate for second place, because she’s obviously got some serious influence. At least she’s a good sport though.

I did some digging and found that the egg isn’t an original art piece but instead a stock image. I'm pretty sure this is it. I've reached out to the account owner to ask and can only hope that I'm correct. Now, imagine. You’re a stock photographer who likes to shoot food, and you’ve just found out that your photo is the most liked image on Instagram. It’s this kind of grassroots, fun for the sake of it movement that I haven’t seen online as much anymore.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get in touch with the photographer, nor the owner of the “world_record_egg” account. One thing I feel pretty confident about is that the owner is from the UK. The current story on that account references “It’s Coming Home,” which became a pseudo national anthem as England bolted through the World Cup rounds. The account also follows a few recognizable English folks, like Piers Morgan.

Before now, this was the most liked photo on Instagram.

Hopefully, we'll get a chance to talk to the stock photographer in question, and I'd love to find out the tactics used by the account owner. Perhaps they read up on our Instagram hashtag tutorial? Either way, congrats to the first non-human to reach the top 20 on Instagram. If you're reading this, and you took the famous photo, please get in touch!

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I'd like to comment before all the Insta haters, and photo snobs come rushing in to talk shit. Hi Mom!! K bye

Anything that helps to clarify the "value" of IG makes me happy!

I don't give a cluck about Instagram so this story turned this fairly good day into an eggstraordinary day! I'm not even yoking!

I just about get 30 likes on most of my photos it's ballshit show some sympathy 😉www.instagram.com/Justin.photo.coe

yikes, thought I'd logged into PetaPixel for a moment. Then I remembered I'm banned from there.

Well, didn't quite know who Kylie Jenner was and I guess I still don't. Someone famous for something that I don't care about? I am going to make such a good old man.

Their whole family leveraged the fame of their celebrity lawyer father, and became famous for being famous.

The story shows that society didn't reach bottom even after following the Jenners. After society became bored with the Jenners, a stock photo of an egg became society's latest fad/infatuation. Those Instagram users really need to turn off their electronic toys and go outside and do something, anything, get a life....

I suspect that a lot of people , like me, liked the image as a middle finger to Jenner.

refresh your browser and see the likes coming...

Insta what?

Just add one more bit of proof that Western Civilization is doomed.