Creating the Perfect Video Camera With B&H

Corridor Digital set out to rig up their perfect camera, getting unlimited supplies from B&H.

Do you have an idea of the perfect camera? I don’t. I know what I want for each shoot, and I have my favorite components: an Atomos monitor or my compact rig. Going deeper than that, though, I don’t think any of us know.

Which is why watching Corridor Digital’s gear porn video is such a delight. Imagine having a bottomless pit of the lastest gear to make your dream rig. It’s giving me chills.

One thing that worries me about their setup is that they’re monitoring audio via Bluetooth. I’m very suspicious of this being ideal; however, professional systems can wirelessly transmit a video signal good enough for focus pulling. Perhaps I’m not in the loop, and comparing this to a set of Airpods isn’t appropriate (although, how awfully hipster would it to run and gun with Airpods in your ears?).

My favorite parts of the setup are the wireless RED camera control from Teradek, the Letus Helix Jr, and SmallHD's wireless video monitoring system. If anybody’s in the mood to check out the gear in this video, B&H has a page set up. The Bluetooth audio transmitter can be found here; I've just ordered one to test.

What’s your dream setup? Is it a bigger or smaller rig than this? Let us know in the comments.

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Rod Kestel's picture

I dunno, ironic they have that beautful gymbol and waving the camera around like a drunk on a stormy ship. I feel I'm getting over a night on the turps.

Brock Torunski's picture

The motion is fine. It's a VLOG account and it doesn't need to have perfectly smooth movements. It's not even remotely jarring, maybe you're just a little sensitive?

Rod Kestel's picture

Too many coffees, yeah.