The Most Popular Camera Accessories of 2019

The Most Popular Camera Accessories of 2019

From tripods to flashes, and everything in between.

I’m sure we all have a few of these in our gear bag, in fact you may have one of the most popular bags of 2019. So who’s winning and losing out on the thriving camera accessory market?

We asked ShareGrid and LensRentals for their data, however it wasn’t overly useful here. Due to the nature of these products, B&H has by far the most data. It’s not often that folks are renting backpacks.

With Head Included

Legs Only

The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 is a classic that I’ll often recommend, as it’s a sturdy set of legs without breaking the bank. The others are fairly obvious picks too, but I’m surprised to see Really Right Stuff did so well. Being so much more expensive than the competition, customers are obviously seeing the quality here.


Holster Cases

Shoulder Bags

Ruggard seems to be having a great year. It’s worth noting that nearly every popular bag is on the cheaper side. I’m pretty sure some of these were also included in B&H’s weekly specials.

I had assumed that the large backup drives from Western Digital would have the top spot this year, since there’s been some incredible deals from B&H. I guess it’s a sign of the times that SSDs are getting more popular. The T5 drives were on sale this year, so the price is certainly not what it used to be.

LensRentals doesn’t have enough data for accessories, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a few gadgets and gizmos rented out. Here’s that list:

Notably, their most popular “new” item was the GoPro HERO7 Black. The DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal came behind that, and then Insta360’s One X Camera. I think 2020 will be a big year for action cameras. With the iPhone 11’s wide angle camera, there’s even more competition to stand out.

Do you own any of these products? Do you like or dislike them? Let us know in the comments.

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For as much as people talk about Peak Design I'm surprised none of that made it on the list. I would have at least expected strap. I get why the bag isn't on it, have it, selling it.

I'm not impressed with anything Peak Design other than the anchor kit four pack, which I attach to my other favorite straps now that they made that possible. I had the slide strap and didn't like it as much as my Nikon Long Lens strap it was going to replace. The Nikon strap has much better cushioning and is better made in my opinion, but the anchor kit let me use the Peak Design system with the Nikon Lens Strap LN-2. I also use the anchor kits on my Nikon NPS padded straps that I attach to my two D4s bodies. Their tripod released in 2019 really sucks and is a failure in my mind, but luckily I canceled my order in time. They are great company with extraordinary customer service and I appreciate that. They not only replaced all of my recalled V3 anchors, but they also sent me a brand new four pack anchor with attachments for free. Anytime I've needed customer support they have been very fast to respond and have sent me free stuff a few times over the years, which I great appreciated.

I've bought a bunch of things, the backpack, strap, clip v3, hand clutch, an anchor mount and the newer anchors. I was all about Peak Design.

I'm currently selling the backpack and clip. the strap is ok. I've used hand clutches before so I think that works great. The anchors are good.

I was mostly disappointed with the backpack. It looks great but it's not practical. Stiff design and no form fitting. A lot of wasted space in my mind.

I'll be being going with another Lowpro in the future. The one I have is small but it still does a better job that the Peak Design.

You should really look at ThinkTank, I used to use LowePro bags as well, but Think Tank is much better in my opinion. They make the best bags overall, I only have two bags and mainl use the ThinkTank Airport Accelerator, but the Commuter is great too if you don't need a ton of size. I actually bought and really like the Gura Gear 2.0 30L for a trip and I really liked that as well, it's an amazing bag if you have and use long glass like I do. I rely heavily on my Nikon 400mm f2.8 VR FL lens, 70-200mm, 24mm f1.4G and 35mm f1.4 G lenses, with two pro sized bodies. Either two D4s bodies or a D4s and D500, so were talking a lot of gear. With the ThinkTank it can fit all of my gear without the 400mm and I take the 400mm f2.8 separate in the hard-case it came with. Or other times I rearrange the ThinkTank to fit the 400mm and 70-200mm with two bodies and leave the wide angles at home. With the Gura Gear 30L bag I was able to fit everything in one bag and it's an awesome bag, but it's just so big and heavy, I didn't like that. I hurt my back really and a couple of times before I realized it was stupid to carry all of that weight in one bag. The ThinkTank bags are extremely well made, well thought out and a one time purchase that will last you forever! Just figure out what sized bag you'll need for your kit and order it, you'll be so happy you did! LowePro is not bad and I used to love them too, but ThinkTank's are just better in every way.

I've looked into a few of their bags. I'm not actually looking for something big. Just something that is protective but easy to get at. My little lowepro is small enough to put on backwards while I have another Gregory Baltoro 65L on my back. Most of my Landscape shots are done in the BWCA. I take a trip or two every year. Being light is the key but I still need to carry my regular gear. Think Tank doesn't make a big enough backpack to do both. They have a 45L. I have about 48L of just regular gear minus my camera setup.

On Think Tanks lower end, it seems their backpacks are about the same as a Lowepro just more expensive.

I really can't win though. I could cut down my gear and get a bag insert for my camera to fit in my larger bag. Although I wont have easy access.

In the end I'll probably get another small bag but just a little larger than what I have now.