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Results Are In: The Most Popular Cameras of 2019

Results Are In: The Most Popular Cameras of 2019

Did anybody purchase an old school DSLR this year? Could the iPhone 11 have affected camera sales?

It’s that time of year again when we gather all the stats and crown the winners and losers of the camera market. This year saw an unfortunate lack of sales, which have been shrinking for the past couple years. So, what came out on top?

Our stats this year are from B&H, LensRentals, and ShareGrid. Each has a different viewpoint, and hopefully, we’ll see trends between all three.




That’s it for ShareGrid; DSLRs were outpaced by mirrorless, and the data doesn’t reach low enough numbers.

It’s no secret that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a worthy DSLR, but I’m still a little surprised that it reached the top spot. Canon’s older 6D models have been on sale for far less. It also claimed the number two most rented item for LensRentals over all other gear.

It looks like Nikon hasn’t done too badly either. This should give hope to Nikon users worried about how much glass Canon is selling; the D850 and D750 are no slouches, so surely there’s an appetite in the pro market.



ShareGrid (Including Camcorders)

As per previous years, Sony is killing it. Personally, I’m surprised that Canon’s RP camera didn’t make the top five. I’m equally surprised that both Canon and Nikon are in the top five, considering their numbers are down.

Notice anything missing? Panasonic is entirely missing here. I realize that their new L-mount beasts are still new to the market, but I can’t help but feel like they’re having adoption issues.

Nikon’s Z 6 gets fourth place at B&H, but according to LensRentals, they were only half as popular as Canon’s mirrorless line. That’s a pretty stark difference. Obviously, Atomos pushing raw 4K recording from the Z series hasn’t been enough; perhaps the new update to these cameras will help in 2020.

Other Notable Stats

This year, LensRentals tallied up who had the biggest share of the market and compared it to last year. I’ve included the top five here, but you can find the full list on their site.

  • Canon EF Mount : 36.3% (down from 41.03%)
  • Sony E Mount: 27.16% (up from 26.44%)
  • Nikon F Mount: 13.09% (down from 14.89%)
  • Micro Four Thirds: 9.23% (down from 10.37%)
  • Canon RF Mount: 4.91% (up from 0.65%)

It seems like Canon’s new mirrorless glass has cannibalized some of their older EF lenses; however, that’s surely a huge win for them. They’ve managed to introduce an entirely new line while holding the same numbers.

Do you own any of this gear? Do you like or dislike it? Let us know in the comments! Also, ShareGrid represented this data on an interactive website, and LensRentals has written up a blog post with their own thoughts.

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So Fuji is still a niche.

So is Pentax!....ssshhh don't tell anyone🥂

When it comes to getting the job done people want a no fuss workhorse. Especially if you're renting for a one day shoot and can't have any problems that day. And it shows that people still don't need a pet eye AF or IBIS to take a photo.

Thanks for speaking for everyone ...

If you're going to do landscape the a7R III is priced pretty good now. $200 less than the D850 for basically the same results.

I bought an EOS R in December. I like it.

Can I be cool like you? What is this? High school?

But but but the Z series is a flop, a complete failure, bankrupting Nikon, not for professionals, rubbish

If I look up the best selling cameras on amazon.de (the German version of Amazon.com) I see that the best sold mirrorless camera are:
Sony a6000, Sony a7m3,same with lens, and a6500.
For d-slr:3 Nikons and two Canons.


It is difficult to judge what that means. If a manufacturer offers a body only, a one lens kit, and a two lens kit, that counts as three separate items.